We do not own parking lots

22 Jan 2011

To most customers it seems obvious, but some are confused, so I decided to clarify. We do not own any parking lot that is listed on Cheap Airport Parking. These lots are owned and operated by external companies: some are owned by hotel chains, some are mom and pop businesses, some are large public parking companies. Our model is similar to the one of Expedia for example. If you booked your flight at Expedia, then an airline kept you onboard aircraft for two hours before take off, would you blame Expedia?

What we do is we negotiate discount rates with airport parking lots and sell spots on this website at discounted rates.

What does it mean to you, our beloved customer? If you liked the service of a particular lot, keep using it - every lot appreciates your continued business (especially during tough times like now). If you did not like you airport parking experience, try a different lot for your next flight. We have several parking lots available at most airports.

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