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Outdoor Self Parking

Jose - Melbourne, FL

Office staff is very slow....
Driver was courteous, friendly, and got there fast.
The facility is run down but good enough for extended parking.


Outdoor Self Parking

Gregory C. - Port St. Lucie, FL

Horrible. I should file a complaint with the BBB. The parking lot was filled and they did not honor your reservations. I had to get valet parking down the street so I could make my flight. It also cost about $100 more for the parking at the other lot.

Is this a scam that you are running? Your reservations were worthless and could have caused me to miss my flight to Australia, if I could not find alternate parking at the last moment.

Before I booked with Cheap Airport Parking I called EZ Park and they said they accept reservations from Cheap Airport Parking.

I would never use either company since they did not honor their reservations.


Outdoor Self Parking

Ana M. - Orlando, FL

Horrible!!! Waited 35 minutes for a shuttle. Called 3 times to see what was taking so long and every time was told 5 more minutes. 35 minutes later the shuttle arrived. Tony the owner was apologetic when I arrived. I figured I would give them anothe chance. I fly out every week.

Today, I came back and waited 20 minutes for a shuttle. Not as bad as last time but waiting outside in pouring down rain for 20 is too long for me. As I waited for my shuttle, I would count how many times other parking shuttles would have a shuttle come. There were a few who had at least 4 shuttles come. Every 5 minutes they would come around and stop even if they had no one to pick up. They offer a good price but it's not worth the wait, unless you have an extra hour to spare when coming back.


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