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Outdoor Valet

Lia - La

Best one I've tried so far easy simple nice I like.


Indoor Valet

Steven C. - Santa Clarita, CA

Paid for indoor valet and my car sat out in the yard and I had to go pick it up myself. That simple.


Outdoor Valet

Chris - Los Angeles, CA

It may have been just good timing, but on the way in and the way out, there was a shuttle leaving as soon as I was ready, so I didn't have to wait at all.


Outdoor Valet

M.Z. - Redondo Beach, CA

Great experience here. Very professional staff. I didn't wait much at all during the whole to and from process. Pick up was very quick when I returned to LAX. As soon as I had my luggage off the carousel, I called their office to have someone pick me up. He was there within 5 min. Got me back to my car quickly where they had my key and car out waiting for me. Paid the bill and was out right away. Very pleased with this facility and will be parking there again this weekend.


Outdoor Valet

Darryl P. - Valencia, CA

I was disappointed with the reservation pricing and what the actual pricing was when I checked out. Don't feel the total cost is accurately represented by Cheap Airport Parking or they do not do an adequate job in communicating with their partner sites.
The spot itself was ok.


Outdoor Valet

Ganesh K. - Irvine, CA

The issue occurred during check-in. Check-out was fine. The facilities were grossly under staffed. There was only on individual working. Which meant that when he went to the airport there was no security at the parking lot and the facility was open to the public.

Because there was only one individual working, we had to wait appx 50 minutes (3-3:50 PM on May 13th) from the time we entered the parking until the timer we left the parking lot. Since the parking lot was so far away from the airport it took over an hour for us to get to the airport. Needless to say the employee (although very nice and courteous) was extremely stressed out as there were 2 other parties in the same situation. When I returned at the end of the weekend, there was also one employee (the same one). Although, I will be using your website again this week, I will not be using The Park at LAX anymore.


Outdoor Valet

Brighton N. - Loma Linda, CA

The Place is too far from the airport and l waited for an hour before they came to pick me up. The guys never had the courtesy to apologize for their delay. They only have one driver who is sent back and forth and that explains the long waits. The place is further from the airport and distance and LAX traffic affects their efficiency.


Outdoor Valet

Dawn B. - Calabasas, CA

It's convenient, clean and the Agent/Driver was nice. Plus, the price is right!!! Will park here when I have to go out of town again!


Outdoor Valet

Bradley S. - Van Nuys, CA

Cheapest place to park around LAX that I could find. The wait time for getting picked up can take a while, but otherwise good experience.


Outdoor Valet

Ken E. - Los Angeles, CA

not bad, understaffed but friendly, far away but cheap and secure. they were too busy to get my car for me but who cares? It was three steps away anyhow. I'd use 'em again for LAX parking.


Outdoor Valet

Cherry D. - West Hollywood, CA

Great experienced with this parking service. They asked when I was returning (date/time) and had my car waiting for me at the front. The service came promptly when I called for pickup and the shuttle was clean. The staff was super nice and anticipated all my questions.

I strongly recommend parking here to anyone flying out of LAX.


Outdoor Valet

Frederick W.

I parked there last weekend for 2nd time in 3 months. Nice folks, responsive/personal/straight shooters. I like them. They're a small office.


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