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Indoor Self Parking

Fredrik - Bakersfield, CA

Wasn't sure what to expect using one of these off-site parking garages, but it went quite alright. The only thing myself and a few other people had to wait quite a while for the shuttle to bring us to the airport. Well, it doesn't help not being early either. Going back to the parking lot, I didn't have to wait very long. But of course it all depends on how busy the airport is and where the shuttle is when you're calling. I just booked a second parking reservation today, so, hopefully, it will go smoothly as well.


Indoor Self Parking

Beth S. - Studio City, CA

This was my second time parking with this company... this time utilizing the Valet. Upon my arrival on my way to LAX, I sat outside (it was 9pm) for nearly 10 minutes, waiting (and watching) while the Valet on duty chatted up the woman behind the counter. It was clear from the body language and laughter that this was a personal conversation. The woman, who had clear view of me should she had just averted her eyes for a moment never acknowledged me. I finally had to go inside to ask for some assistance. The experience turned me off to their Valet service and I will go back to the self park.


Indoor Self Parking

Behzad Y. - N. Hollywood, CA

This parking lot is the best for your bucks, the only down side is you need to drive up to the top floors and finde a spot. If you are traveling with someone you should unload your lugage at the shuttel location befor parking.


Indoor Self Parking

Ken E. - Los Angeles, CA

Slow damn elevators are crazy-making after a long-long flight overseas. I use cheap parking 'cuz my trips are always about a week. But I'm about ready to go for a better facility!


Indoor Self Parking

Amy - Los Angeles, CA

The location of this parking lot is very close and convenient to the airport, but then again, I don't know if that really makes a difference since we waited about 20 minutes for the shuttle. The parking spaces are extremely small, therefore, bigger vehicles take up two spots. In addition, it's always difficult to find a parking spot, so you circle around for awhile hoping someone will leave.

I have used this parking lot twice now and will probably use it again, but not because it was good, but because the price is right. This is the cheapest lot I found on this website and I usually arrive to the airport pretty early. I guess you get what you pay for. If you don't care about the price, but do care about your time, then this is definitely not the parking lot for you.


Indoor Self Parking

Yu Z. - Tracy, CA

Everything was fine. The parking lot was a little difficult to find at the beginning.


Indoor Self Parking

Fel E. - Santa Ana, CA

just park on levels 4 above and wont have problems with the misunderstand of the towing was safe after trip..shuttle fast on pick up, specially because u can also get the crown plaza shuttle so u get doble ways to go to LAX airport and come back


Indoor Self Parking

Joe B. - Los Angeles, CA

Best price and location for LAX parking by far.


Indoor Self Parking

Greg J. - Indio, CA

EXCELLENT! This is the second time parking here and the experience was flawless. Quick shuttle service upon departure to and from LAX, even with a late evening return. Shuttle was waiting at the curb when we got there both times, 5 minutes at best to and from terminals. Be careful of oversized vehicles parking in "compact" designated spaces. Good idea to fold in your outside mirrors if you can while away, which we did.


Indoor Self Parking

Marie Jo B. - Twain Harte, CA

All great and straight forward. Bus driver and other employees in the garage eager to help.


Indoor Self Parking

Dominic K. - Los Angeles, CA

Our driver was great! She was attentive and punctual.


Indoor Self Parking

Thomas M. - Beverly Hills, CA

I use this location very often. Location and amenities are excellent. Drivers are efficient and courteous as well. Some of them play their music too loudly. Overall, though, the main problem is that the shuttles simply do not run as often as they should. The wait is too long.

A good service that could use some improving.


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