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Indoor Self Parking

Patricia M. - Upland, CA

Parking spots were too tight for my car and not many available for parking. The elevator doesn't go down to the first floor, not practical to get down with luggage to wait for shuttle. Parking rates were excellent this particular time I parked.


Indoor Self Parking

Anna D. - Ventura, CA

Loved the ease of reservations, but when we got there the morning of our flight our pick-up wouldn't fit under the height limits, 6 ft 6 in. This has never been an issue at any other parking lot before so be sure you're not too tall. We had to find another garage to park.


Indoor Self Parking

Lorinda D. - Huntington Beach, CA

Had a female driver this time who wasn't interested in helping me and my friend with out luggage. My friend had a cane and obviously needed some help both on and off.

Wait time was minimal. We arrived at the curb about 5:20 and we were pulling into the parking structure at 5:45. No complaints here.


Indoor Self Parking

M - L.A.

I have been parking here for around 9 years. When it was QuikPark it was great, which is why I continued parking here for all these years. But when they left a few months ago and a new company took over, I have been unhappy. Last night, 5/12, was the clincher.

2 buses drove by us as we tried flagging them down and they never stopped. Myself and the 2 other people waiting for the shuttle had called the company twice, and all we got was "The shuttle is on its way". One couple had already been waiting 30 minutes, gave up and took a taxi. Finally a bus showed up and picked us up. When it was QuikPark, the shuttle was always there. In fact 3 QuikPark shuttles stopped in the time frame that I waited for the Airport Center bus!

So, guess where my future business will be taken.


Indoor Self Parking

Dennis S. - Thousand Oaks, CA

Great experience. Got a spot right away. The van left a few minutes later. When we came home, the van arrived at the airport for us within 5 minutes. Will continue to park here whenever I go on a trip. Prices were also the best!


Indoor Self Parking

David K. - Kapolei, Hi

This was a lot better a year ago. I think the parking got under new ownership or management. Since then, pick up from the airport has been horrible. Great price for covered parking though.


Indoor Self Parking

RC - Huntington Beach, CA

We have parked there now a few times and so far so good. Finding a spot is sometimes a bit tough like some other customers said, but overall we'd park there again!


Indoor Self Parking

Tara W. - Valley Village, CA

A few more vans would be nice, while waiting I saw 3 times the amount of vans/busses from at least 7 other lots pass bye. Not a good feeling to be waiting see yet another lots van pass for the 3rd time and yet not have seen your parking lot van yet.


Indoor Self Parking


This was my worst parking experience. The shuttle drivers are rude and belligerent. I waited 45 minutes to be picked up. I even called their office several times and told that the shuttle will be on its way. When I try to exit, they had only one booth open. I had to spend another 30 minutes waiting in the garage before I could exit. I do not recommend this parking lot to anyone.


Indoor Self Parking

Gil P. - Qualicum Beach, CA

Near perfect for us and price at $250/mo was the deciding factor. Will use you in the future for sure.


Indoor Self Parking

Raneeta C. - Fullerton, CA

Although parking spots may be hard to find at times, my experience has been great. The shuttle drivers are friendly and helpful, the parking garage is clean and easily accessible from the main street. The only negative thing is the elevator, it is really old and slow in operating.


Indoor Self Parking

Jeremy L. - Los Angeles, CA

I didn't like how they tried to charge me for an extra day because my flight was delayed 2 hours. But I used a "one day free" coupon that the driver game me (which I think was supposed to be used for future bookings) and the girl accepted it. If she didn't, I would have been pissed.


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