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Indoor Self Parking

NL - Torrance

We use this facility many many times and the experience has always been very pleasant. However, I recall a couple of times, it took at least 15 minutes to wait for the shuttle in the evening hour.


Indoor Self Parking

Allen T. - Arcadia, CA

Easy to find parking quickly and easy exit. Didn't have to wait for a shuttle after leaving the terminal, there was one waiting when we arrived at the pickup site. Will definitely park here the next time.


Indoor Self Parking

Mark M. - Lake Forest

Second time I've used this facility. Each time has worked well with fast service. Traveled on a Thu and Sun afternoon.


Indoor Self Parking

Ronald B. - Santa Barbara, CA

The wait time for the shuttle was WAY TOO LONG. At least put on more shuttles in the evening when lots of people are returning home.


Indoor Self Parking

James S. - Encinitas, CA

Location is great. Parking stalls on floors are so small, and a lot of people take up more than one spot, leaving less spots available. Trying to make more small parking spots seem to have made a mess on trying to park. Shuttle is old, but the staff pleasant and willing to help.

Upon arrival we did end up waiting about 20 minutes for a shuttle back to garage.


Indoor Self Parking

Roman K. - Lake Forest, CA

Great Experience. Shuttle service was fairly quick both to and from the airport.


Indoor Self Parking

David B. - Huntington Beach, CA

Parking spots are small, but the facility is safe. Parking at Airport center worked out great. Will be parking there again.


Indoor Self Parking

Stanley L. - Capistrano Beach, CA

Well, first off my wife and I tried this place after it being recommended by a neighbor who has used it for many years. They warned us that it was a little laid back but that good spaces were available if you had some patience and drove around and looked. They were right about that part, we did find a good space for our extended vacation overseas. Parked here for about three weeks. No door dings ( my biggest fear besides theft ). Even the standard spaces are adequate space.

However, do NOT count on any help at all from this place. . .for anything. The people that work here are totally inept to answer any questions or to care at all about anything you have to say or any problems you may have while parked here, at the beginning of your trip or when you return.

There are actually at least two structures where you can park and you better now which you parked at before you leave, what level you are at, and how to get out because they could care less about your problem when you return from your destination. Each structure has a different "name" and letter designation. Sounds easy but it can be confusing when you return especially late at night. What little staff they have, at the ticket booths or at the main desk area are, without exception, totally inept to explain anything about their structures or where each is located, they are very lazy and could care less. . . about anything, period. No exaggeration. Really I do not think they even want their jobs they way they act. Even the "security" guys were just sitting around BS-ing when we arrived, about three of them. At this parking place you are totally, and I mean totally on your own. Good luck!


Indoor Self Parking

Andrew - San Gabriel, CA

Visitors will be parked like 6th floor and above. Shuttle was shared with another parking spot, so expect to drop by another parking center before heading to LAX. Overall, very satisfied.


Indoor Self Parking

Alex K. - Los Angeles, CA

Beware that the parking spots are super compact. If you have a tiny car, you're fine. If you have a standard car or an SUV, forget it! The parking lot is huge though... I had to go up like 7-8 floors to park, only to find out that the elevator did not work so i had to carry my bag down the stairs. The shuttle ride was fine, and upon my return I only waited 10 minutes for a pick-up.


Indoor Self Parking

Bradford L. - West Hollywood, CA

If ANY parking garage shuttle picks you up at LAX in less than 30min, it's a GOOD SHUTTLE. It's LAX, not some po-dunk airstrip in the midwest, people. The garage elevators are a bit shabby and slow, and you have to walk up/down 1 set of stairs to get to/from them... just in case you travel heavy. But the guys who run the shuttle were DELIGHTFUL and it was quick easy, and competitively priced. What more do some of you people want?! If you expect it to be like parking your car at the Four Seasons valet... then do so... and pay $50 a day lol


Indoor Self Parking

KC - Los Angeles, CA

After trying other lots that were further from the airport with less frequent shuttles, I tried this garage. I've been parking here for the past year and have not had any troubles. There are always spots available and the longest I've waited for a shuttle is 15 minutes.


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