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Covered Valet Parking

STEPHANIE and BOB - Southern Cal

Louis is THE BEST valet. Professional, friendly, caring and he remembers us each time we arrive. The entire staff is super good. We will see all of them again very soon. Thank you for such a great service.


Covered Valet Parking

Judy S. - Malibu, CA

Historically I have been extremely pleased with this site. This time; however, was my first visit since December -- and I was surprised to see that besides stopping at the Westin we also stopped at 4 Points Hotel -- seems there is new ownership and there are additional stops the shuttle makes? Would be good to have some clarity around this especially timeframe implications.


Covered Valet Parking

Judy D. - Port Hueneme, CA

Very convient, safe and secure.


Covered Valet Parking

Ida S. - Winnetka, CA

Other than going through the long lines of TSA, one of the worst thing about travelling is parking/transportation. THIS FACILITY IS FANTASTIC! The people are great, the location is great. There was no wait time. You text your ticket number when you land and like magic your car is waiting for you. I travel a lot so I think I just found my spot. The cost was so reasonable. THANK YOU WESTIN!


Covered Valet Parking

James W. - Orange, CA

Excellent location, service and car ready on return, w/o delays catching minibus to and from LAX.


Covered Valet Parking

Lisa S. - Long Beach, CA

Bueno. Bonito. Barato. My car was safe and sound. The nice shuttle driver helped me with my suitcase and the price was right.


Covered Valet Parking

Ikan Y. - San Dimas, CA

This is one of the base facilities in LAX. I love the fast service when you arrive just text your tag number then your car is waiting for you in front of the facility.


Covered Valet Parking

David S. - Long Beach, CA

Overall I love parking at the Westin! Great staff. The Shuttle bus operates roughly every 15 minutes from the hotel. The downside was that I arrived after 12 midnight, and the parking stand does not have the capability to check out. One must go inside to the front desk to check out. Last trip there were 18 people in line to check in (bumped off flights) and it took me 30 minutes to check out. Other than that excellent service and my car has been waiting for me just after I text them of my arrival.


Covered Valet Parking


No waiting time. When I arrived at the LAX airport, I only waited less than 5 minutes before Westin Shuttle came. Then while on board the shuttle bus, I texted my receipt no. to them. When I got at the hotel, my car was already waiting for me, in excellent condition. Also the parking attendant was very helpful. Indeed, this was a very good, happy experience for me. Definitely, I would park my car at Westin next time I travel.


Covered Valet Parking

Ken Y. - Santa Barbara, CA

Check-out wait was horrible. Big hotel line.


Covered Valet Parking

Ron H. - Laguna Niguel, CA

I paid for indoor parking. I left a clean car and picked up a dirty car that appeared to have been outside. It had been rained on, had hand prints on the dirt and was dirty all over, including the windows. When I complained, they offered to wash my car but it would take at least an hour. I did not wait.

The shuttle was smaller than others and I waited while many others passed me more than once.

I will not leave my car at the Westin again.


Covered Valet Parking

Justin - Los Angeles, CA

Good experience with the Westin. Just be sure to actually pull your car up to the valet instead of entering the self park garage. Sounds silly but it's easy to make that mistake.


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