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Outdoor Valet Parking

Carrie Cusack - LA

I have parked here many, many times. Always a great experience. This time was a fail. Upon returning to LAX, they never responded to my text stating that I was back. The shuttle driver was a maniac. Returning to the Westin, my car was not ready. The valet handed me a ticket and told me to retrieve my car. I valeted it!! Finally, they sent someone to go get my car. The final straw was someone stole my hands free cell phone mount. I'm shocked and really disappointed, as this was our favorite spot to park at LAX. We will never be back.


Outdoor Valet Parking


Would recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to long term airport parking.


Self Parking

Mizz Siri T. - Orange County

I've been lucky in that I've always had a good experience parking at the Westin. Fast shuttle service. Easy in and out of the parking structure. The staff are professional and friendly.


Self Parking

Suzanna Jamieson - Ojai

Highly recommend it - Thank you for offering this service!


Outdoor Valet Parking

Chrishae Hamilton

Shuttle drivers do not stop at shuttle stop. 3 drivers passed me last night, I was waiting for 30 minutes to get shuttle to the hotel.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Augie Lopez

I always park at Westin for convenience and fast service. Whenever I text, by the time my shuttle arrives, my car is already waiting for me, normally. However for some reason, this last parking I texted, I arrived, no car in sight. The valet has to get the car when I asked and it took a while. Then the manager overcharged me $10.00 on my balance. Good thing I checked the receipt and compared it to the voucher I have. I don't normally do that. Thanks to learn that to put it back on my card, it will take them 5 days! Or just apply the $10.00 on my next valet parking. I have to wait way longer because they can't give me an original copy of my signed receipt from their machine, then finally gave me the original and they keep the copy. It's so annoying to go thru this wait since I am already late to work due to the inconvenience. Westin personnel has to put me thru and the wait time, not considering that I have waited for my car from the start and they messed up and still have to wait for them to decide. Really not a good experience with them this time.


Self Parking

Santa Barbara

The shuttle could run more frequently!


Self Parking

Kelli Hunter

Wait time for shuttle from lax 30min 👎


Self Parking

Eric - Ventura

First time Westin parking user. Best parking experience in ten years! Almost makes flying out of LAX fun... Well, almost.


Self Parking

Paul - L.A.

I know there is road construction going on around LAX, but being dropped off on lower level when flying out after waiting at hotel for 30 minutes was not great way to start... waiting nearly 50 minutes to get picked up after arriving back at LAX was worse... another passenger on shuttle said he normally takes the Thrify Car Rental shuttle since it is right across from the hotel and more reliable than the Westin shuttle... my car keys were DE-PROGRAMMED by the valet attendant. This is NOT something that can be accidentally done, you have to know how to do this and someone did. My remote access does not work and I now have to go to the dealer to get re-set. THANKS! Price was great, location was great, personnel (to my face) were nice, BUT... wait times, shuttle experience, and screwing with my vehicle not acceptable!


Outdoor Valet Parking

Eva M DeLeon

We recently parked our Range Rover at the Westin hotel while we were away on a business trip. I felt very comfortable knowing my car was safe and we were safe and so close buy. I highly recommend Westin LAX.


Covered Valet Parking

Dave R - CA

This is now my favorite place to park when flying out of LAX. I always do the covered valet parking option. Text them once I arrive with my parking ticket # and my car is awaiting me once I arrive at the hotel.


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