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Outdoor Valet

Dc - Miami

Very efficient service, very nice and courteous staff. Definitely will use US1 Airport Parking in future.


Outdoor Valet

GJN - Ft Myers

Great first time for me. No more Sheraton parking. I used them two times. Very slow and I don't care attitude. US1 is awesome!


Outdoor Valet

Michael Gonzalez

I officially have no complaints for this company. I made reservations online, when I got there Bob Adams took care of me right away and explained everything in detail. I was at ease with no concerns. I was taken to the airport via their shuttle. No issues. Upon my return, Jimmy picked me and had my car ready. Again, no complaints. Excellent customer service. Will definitely use again in the future!


Outdoor Valet

Martin G L. - Fl

Wait time for shuttle on return trip was totally unacceptable.


Outdoor Valet

Deborah M F. - coral springs, fl

My only complaint is that my car was parked under a tree and was full of sap/seeds/leaves.


Outdoor Valet

William S. I.

My flight arrived at Fort Lauderdale International airport at 5:30 a.m. on July 9th 2014 and as instructed when I was dropped off I waited until my bags were in my possession I walked out of terminal 3 and waited at the off site parking pick up area and contacted your facility. I told the office were I was waiting between terminal 2 & 3 right under the off site parking sign. I waited for thirty minutes and as I waited I watched your driver go past me two times and he never entered the pick up area he just circled the outside terminal loop. After seeing this for the second time and having Park & Fly come by twice to pick me up but I was not parked at their location. I again called your office and told the representative (who come to find out was also the driver) that he keeps driving by and is not pulling into the pick up area and that I have been waiting at this point for over a half hour and he said "well your just gonna have to keep waiting." I found that comment to not only be rude but very inconsiderate since I knew where I was supposed to be but the driver had no idea where he was supposed to be and more importantly not pulling into the pick up location. Finally when I got picked up I admonished the driver for speaking to a paying customer with such a lack of respect he responded in a very aggressive manner and said " it's not the end of the world I made an honest mistake by not pulling into the pick up area." What, really! I am paying for a service and I am getting lip from the guy that is being paid because of customers like myself. WOW!!!!!!!!


Outdoor Valet

David A B. - Crossville Tn

It was great, made it easy for me to get in and out of airport. Thanks


Outdoor Valet

Jyo M.

Horrible experience, no staff to assist while parking, or to load or unload the luggage. I called them at 11.25 in the night for pick up from airport and was waiting outside the airport for 50 min and got a pickup at 12.20. I would never use this service again.


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