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Jackie - Westlake Village, CA

1. The price is very good.

2. The sign for the entrance is difficult to see, perhaps place a sign on the fence with an arrow pointing to the driveway because the driveway is narrow and does not look like an entrance to a parking lot.

3. Be sure you have your paperwork that you pre-booked when you pick up your car or you will be charged the entire price not the discounted price. No Exceptions.

4. Lot attendants are not helpful. No customer service at this parking lot, but there is a tip jar?

5. The walk to the airport is across a busy street but there is a stop light. Short walk but you must be able to carry your luggage the distance. The lot is gravel and dirt, so don't wear your expensive shoes. Will use the lot again because of the price.


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Uxue D. - Los Angeles, CA

Love the price and the location of SouthWest Parking.


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Seymore S. - Lompoc, CA

Price per day is reasonable. Short five to ten minute walk to Southwest terminal is acceptable. We would absolutely park there again.


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FARID Y. - Encino, CA

The only good thing was the price. I asked the attendant for disabled parking and the response was very rude.


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K.Kaul - Chatsworth, CA

Inspite of the prior reservation, I was asked to wait outside and show if I had the reservation. Then I was asked to leave the car with the carkeys inside on the approach to the parking lot, as the lot was in chaos probably due to the over booking.

When I returned, my car was not in the space that the tag showed. I had to complain the attendent and then somebody was asked to search for my car. The car had been parked in some remote area by the parking staff.


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S G. - Seattle, WA

To make the reservation they charged my card first day but I didn't have print out and "they don't have computer on site" so when I came back they charged me again for that first day and the rest of my stay.

They opened my windows to vent but if it would have rained it would have soaked the inside of my car... Nice guys but... I guess you get what you pay for.


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Graciela B. - Porter Ranch, CA

Love it. Walking distance from the airport. Very convenient and the price is right. No waiting for shuttles. Friendly staff. I have been parking there almost every week. Never had a problem.


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HY - Los Angeles, CA

This was my first time parking here and I was pleasantly surprised to learn how easy it was to park and walk accross the street to Burbank Airport. The parking attendents were friendly. Only suggestion is to have a bigger sign for the entrace...I missed it the first time around.


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David P. - Elk Grove, CA

Great location, right across the street. Attendant was very nice when I came in.


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Yoram K. - Los Angeles, CA

Easy walk to the terminal, no need for shuttle makes up
for the spartan facility [a long narrow strip along the


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Floyd A. B. - Los Angeles, CA

I like the price, and I'll probably park there again if I were to leave for several days and had very little luggage to deal with, which is almost an oxymoron. It was the walk with all my wheeless luggage, and the heat, which made the walk so unpleasant. The other inconvenience was reversing out of my parking space, and trying to make my way back to the kiosk to pay my balance. The u-turn was almost impossible. A shuttle would've made all the difference in the world. I guess you get what you pay for.


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Amy Claire L. - Los Angeles, CA

I had a bad experience with this lot. Sure, $6 is a great deal and the walk to the airport is nothing, but the employee with whom I interacted was atrocious. Unbeknownst to me, this is a "leave your keys" lot. No thank you. Not whilst out of town for 6 days. What was worse was that the attendant informed me that I couldn't park there because he didn't know how to drive a stick shift. Nor did his co-worker. Seems a little odd for a business that involves PARKING CARS. This news was revealed of course after he didn't believe me that I even had a reservation. Which I did and had already paid for the first day and was going to be late for my flight if he didn't let me park there. He ended up "finding" a spot for me (not really sure why I had to work for it).

Upon my return I was unfortunately greeted by this same employee. I told him I had my keys (he had let me keep them. Being that he couldn't drive manual transmission, my keys would do him no good) and needed to pay my balance. After a long wait he handed me keys to someone else's car and sent me on my way. I simply said "No I have my keys like I said." He then decided to argue with me about whether or not I'd told him I had my keys. This is HORRIBLE costumer service. Then he accused me of being drunk. That was insulting (especially if I was about to get in my car and drive???) but hilarious as it was about 10am. Will never go back.


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