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Waited on line to prepay for parking for at least 15 minutes. Place was crowded with people. No friendly faces, no smiles, no offers to help.

Shuttle service was OK, however, when being dropped off, was not dropped off on the departure level. Dropped off on level 1, departure is level 3. I was looking forward to curbside check in to relieve me of my extremely heavy bag. Instead, at age 66, I had to haul my belongings up to the 3rd level. Really? Not very convenient for your customers.

When picking up my car, same experience, tons of people, no friendly, happy faces, and had to wait more than 15 minutes for my car to be brought up.

Overall, I will not be using signature parking again. I will pay $10 or $17 a day in order to have a better experience.


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Paul Luciano - Orlando

Overall a great deal. The only issue was we had to wait 45 min to get my car back.


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David - Orlando

Longest wait for shuttle at OIA since I have been using this site.. 40 min wait... and then once we arrived at office to pick up my car which I prepaid parking for. The office was crowded with about 15 people waiting in line to rent vehicles… I had to wait in this line for over 30 min until someone let me jump line in order to get my keys, (a one minute procedure) there was no separate line for those who were just trying to obtain their keys to their vehicles so they could be on their way. You need to have a separate line for those who are returning to pick up their keys for their vehicles..


Outdoor Self


Long wait times, not clear information, misinformation at the airport.


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Elaine Sams

Was not aware that I had to stop at the office. You site says self park. That is what I was doing. Since I self parked, I was not aware that I needed to leave my keys. The person that checked me in, said they would bring my car upon returning. This did not happen since I self parked.

Had to call the phone number 3 times. It was very garbled when I called after getting my luggage. I just missed the shuttle. Upon the ride back I noticed my driver pulled into 34. If the shuttle before would have done that I would have been able to ride on that one.

Upon returning to the office, waited in a line.


Outdoor Self


The only issue I had with this place was the personnel were very disinterested in their job. I even saw the gentlemen that worked there turn away a family because they did not have a reservation for parking. That is just poor customer service right there, at least upcharge them for not having a reservation but straight turn them away? That sounds like poor business sense.

Allow at least 30-45 mins upon arrival at Signature before you arrive at the airport. I waited about 30 mins to get to the airport and 20 mins to get picked up after I placed the call. So if you are looking for a shuttle service that will get you to the airport and pick you in less than 10 mins then these guys are not your best option.


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Alex - ex

Everything was great, definitely I will use this location again.


Outdoor Self

Glenda Torres - Orlando

I only was uncomfortable because i had to waited for an hour 1/2 for the service to pick me up at 12am and when i recieved my car the window was left open and my car got a little wet inside but the employees and location is where very good.


Outdoor Valet

Stephen S. - Viera

I believe I've used Signature Parking at least 6 times. Never had a problem and I love the new Coffee/Snack Bar that they added... Comes in handy after a long trip. Also, very nice people to deal with.


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Charles C. N. - Gainesville, FL

Second time parked at Signature Airport Parking. We will be back!


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O - Orlando, FL

The only thing that got me upset is the wait for the shuttle when i landed… I called for the shuttle pick-up as soon as i landed, but had to wait at least an hour before the shuttle showed up.


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Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay

When I reached Orlando last night, I had no checked in luggage. Called the Parking when I got down from the train, so that they could send the driver while I walked to their spot. I stood for half an hour standing outside the airport last night. Every other parking spot had their shuttles come in twice (at least, one came in three times) during that period. The driver said that it was a very busy evening. There were just two of us in the entire van! There was no other customer at the counter. And then, after having given the ticket number in advance when I had called from the airport, had to wait while the car keys were being hunted out from the back. Any other parking location would keep the keys out so that the customer could walk away immediately with the keys. And I had prepaid for the entire parking period.

The trip to the airport from Signature Parking a few days earlier took an enormous amount of time too, since the ONLY shuttle had left just before I reached the counter after parking my car. This was around 4:30 or so in the afternoon, when you can expect lots of customers. All the while when they KNEW that I had gone to park my car after pre-paying for the entire period.

So, unless you are willing to keep 45 minutes or longer for EITHER way just to get to and from parking, look elsewhere.


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