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Self Parking

Jerry A. - Irvine, CA

Parking at the San Diego Sheraton was a breeze. The wait time for the shuttle was less than 10 minutes to go to the airport and on the return flight, I just had to call the hotel and the shuttle was there in less than 5 minutes. Great experience for a first time user of this lot.


Self Parking

David M. - Lemon Grove, CA

All personnel I interact with go above and beyond to provide excellent service. I don't normally take the shuttle as it is less than 1/2 mile walk to the terminal, but the few times I have ridden the shuttle the driver has been very polite and personable. The only negative (and it is very minor as far as i am concerned) is the dirt parking lot. My vehicle is always thckly coated in dust after parking a couple days in the dirt lot.

Overall I always have a fantastic experience at the Sheraton.


Self Parking

J.S. - Oceanside, CA

Easy, reasonable, fast...not much more to add. This was our 2nd time parking at this location and we'll do so again.


Self Parking

Kristi D. - Alpine, CA

This was my first time using this facility/service. Everything went very smoothly, the timing of the shuttle worked very well for me, and the driver was wonderful. I will try this service again next time and hope to repeat the pleasant experience! Thank you!


Outdoor Valet Parking

Linh M. - El Cajon, CA

Everything was good until I got the car back. I understand it was not covered parking, but the car was deplorable!!! It was covered in bird excrement. There were sap and tree droppings all over the hood. It had a layer of dust on it as though it had been parked next to a rock quarry. I will not use this location again.


Self Parking

Ryan - San Diego, CA

Good price, good location, poor shuttle service. The problem was the return once we landed. We waited for nearly 1 hour before we found a ride back to the hotel/parking and it was not from the shuttle bus. The shuttle never showed up and we got lucky because a personal car from the hotel showed up to drive another guest to the hotel for check-in. Had that not happened, who knows when we would have seen the shuttle. For a location that is less than 1 mile from the airport and states their shuttles show up every 15-20 minutes this was very disappointing.

Price was a good deal though compared to cost of airport parking.


Self Parking

Russell Z. - Temecula, CA

The desk attendants weren't as friendly and helpful as I am use to. Plus, I had a problem with not receiving the email confirmation of my pre-paid parking. When I called the desk agent was very helpful and said it wasn't a problem to check with him when we returned, however when we returned the desk agent working was not as helpful and said that he didn't even know the person I had talked to. Wanted to see our Credit Card statement, which I didn't have since we paid for the parking on-line the night before departure. He eventually let us drive out, but I felt like he could have been more accommodating since I gave him all the details and it wasn't my fault that I never got the email confirmation.


Self Parking

Robert P. - Hemet, CA

The employees of the Sheraton Marina were all so very polite and helpful. This is a great place to park. Now if the San Diego Airport could just get it's act together and keep the rental car buses moving everything would be perfect!


Self Parking

Karen S. - Encinitas, CA

shhhh...don't tell anyone about the awesome Sheraton experience. I have done this (through your site) about 6-7 times now, and it freaking rocks.

Shuttle is fast, people are awesome (hotel guests take this shuttle, so staff is super-professional and happy), the valet guy who processes the receipt is always super fast. It's uncovered parking, but my car's outside all the time anyway, so no probs for me.


Self Parking

Lorellie Sarao J. - San Diego, CA

This is great! I am impressed overall and definitely I will use this parking again. Great service!


Self Parking

Wensheng M. - San Diego, CA

Everything is perfect except I waited for the shuttle for 20 mins for both arrival and departure. Waiting too long for the shuttle while I saw so many other company's shuttles passed 2 or 3 times but even no single one from Sheraton.
But still, I will chose Sheraton next time for sure, I just hope they can run shuttles faster, because every shuttle needs to pick up people at 3 locations.


Self Parking

David S - Huntington Beach, CA

Extremely convenient and close to the airport. Shuttles were clean and drivers courteous. Valet attendants were very quick in verifying my payment, allowing me to get out of the lot right away. Only "complaint" is that the entire lot is outdoors, so especially if you're leaving your car for more than a couple of days, it's going to get dirty being parked outside. But otherwise, I'd highly recommend this lot and will be parking there again.


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