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Outdoor Self Parking

Carmen Rossmore - Miami

Everyone was very helpful and attentive. They are always willing to help and do it with a smile. I recommend this place highly.


Outdoor Self Parking

Emily J Adams

I really enjoyed this service, only trouble I had was finding the shuttle when I came back to the airport. Directions are not very clear of where to meet the shuttle.


Outdoor Valet Parking

George R Ronkowitz

Always a good experience.


Indoor Valet Parking


Just like pulling into a Sheraton and leaving your car with the bell staff. But the shuttle only runs about every 15 minutes. However, the process was very smooth.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Gerard Kindle

Autmoated payment method would make it easier to get out of parking in the late night/early morning hours.


Indoor Valet Parking

D. Roberts - Coral Springs

The service was grand. The time between shuttles was also very short. We missed the departing shuttle by seconds. We actually saw it driving off when we were alighting our vehicle. We were able to wait in the air conditioned comfort of the lobby for the next shuttle which arrived within minutes. The workers (valet and shuttle driver as well as counter clerks) were extremely pleasant.


Indoor Self Parking

Diego Palmieri

Usually the automatic gate doesn't work and even when I reserved indoor self service parking the lot is full, so I parked outdoor. This is not the first time. I use it for the location, but the service is not very good.

The shuttle drivers are very good.


Outdoor Self Parking

James A Sheets

Super you have a place in Cape Canaveral?


Outdoor Valet Parking

George R. R. - Miami

Everything always goes well and quickly. Staff is always courteous. I think it would be helpful to operate an additional shuttle - the wait time was an awful lot longer than usual. Okay!


Indoor Valet Parking

Susan S McCaffrey - Naples, FL

Five Star parking all the way from the moment we pulled up at the Sheraton until we returned from our trip and drove away!


Indoor Valet Parking

John T.

Yes, hats off to this location! At least 10 stars for the wonderful personnel- friendly, courteous & efficient.


Outdoor Self Parking

David C Ch

The location could not be more convenient. The shuttle runs with reasonable frequency. If you are doing self-parking, the method for exiting is frustrating, though. You are supposed to drive up to an automatic gate, press a button for a service attendant to come and inspect your documentation, then open the gate. But the service attendant does not always come, and then you have to improvise -- back up, find a parking space, go search for someone. I still like the place, but that part of the operation needs to be fine tuned.


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