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Indoor Self Parking

Tomas - Miami Beach, FL

Excellent location, I have used it several times. Waiting time to leave can be a bit long because someone from the valet has to come and let you out manually.


Outdoor Self Parking

Graham T. - Port St Lucie, FL

I have parked here several times, great staff, not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.
Pickup was fairly quick, car ready when arrived back at hotel....good deal.


Indoor Self Parking

John M. - Miami, FL

Parking was supposed to be covered but there were no covered parking places where I was told to park. Had to park in an uncovered area.


Indoor Self Parking

MEF - Miami, FL

Excellent location very close to the airport the shuttle runs often. Overall excellent. The price is very good for the service.


Indoor Self Parking

Dennis R H. - Maumee, OH

The Sheraton was easy to get to. The personnel were very nice and helpful. The man who gave me my ticket to get into the parking garage told me he put an extra day on the card because sometimes the cards won't work when getting out of the garage. Well, my card still did not work when I wanted to get out of the garage. Fortunately, there was a valet behind me in another car who helped me get out of the garage. Another valet was very helpful in telling me how to get back to the highway that I needed to drive home. Overall, my experience was very good and we will use the Sheraton again in the future.


Indoor Self Parking

Irving E.

I use this hotel parking 4 times a year, everything is fine except when I leave the parking lot the card never open the gate and always have to call for help.


Outdoor Self Parking

Cory - Miami FL

Location, price and timing was excellent. We flew out a 5 am and the shuttle was there to pick us up within minutes of our arrival. On return, on a Sat. afternoon, the shuttle was again there within a few minutes of when we walked out with our luggage. Maybe just incredible timing.

However, we were so impressed my wife wanted to give the driver a tip, but not having any small bills she gave him a $10 bill and asked for change. He walked off with the money and she ran him down and he hesitated to give her any $ back. May have been a language issue. Otherwise great job.


Outdoor Self Parking

Carmen P. - CUTLER BAY, FL

There was only one shuttle picking up at the airport and had to wait for awhile. The shuttle got full and passengers had to stay on wait for the shuttle to return.

Also originally I had prepaid for a self park ticket, when I arrived to the Sheraton I was told that the parking lot was full and had to upgrade to valet parking in order to leave my car. The people were courteous and I the service excellent, I will park here from now on.


Indoor Self Parking


I chose inside parking because I thought my car would be protected. To my shocking dismay, upon return to pick up my car, I found it all splattered with poop! I was not happy and the attendant just shrugged his shoulders and walked away disconcerned. It appeared that I was parked under a nest of pigeons.


Outdoor Self Parking

William R. - Frankford, DE

Couldn't be happier everything was great, have already been recommending you to all my friends.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Daniela D. - Palm City, FL

Great everything!! Definitely recommend.


Outdoor Self Parking

Leonard D. - Boynton Beach, FL

There was no space available for us to park outside, but we were willing to pay the extra $$$, for indoor parkng. Our car was waiting for us at the door, when our shuttle arrived back.


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