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Outdoor Valet Parking

M.B. - Los Angeles

When I used this service the 1st time, it was great. However, the 2nd time I used it, I unfortunately lost the contract and the company overcharged me by adding on a contract fee which was NEVER stated. I felt completely ripped off and will never use them again. Make sure you don't lose your contract!


Outdoor Valet Parking

Megan M. - Los Angeles, CA

Awesome. They are cheap. They are right by the airport and we barely waited at all to be picked up at the airport. They also have nice vans!!


Outdoor Valet Parking

Anne P - Long Beach

Tried this company for the first time over a weekend. Experience was very good and I'd go back in a heartbeat but the price got jacked up for my next trip and I can't afford it now.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Samuel C. - Los Angeles, CA

I had a positive experience. The facility was easy to spot. You park and shuttle was right there waiting for you. On return, I called and the shuttle was there within 10 minutes. When I get to the office my car was right there. Grabbed my keys and left. :)

On a side note:
The shuttle says park place on it. I'm assuming it's the same company that owns them. which is cool because I like their other two facilities as well. I almost exclusively park with them. Their rates seem to be competitive and since i've used all three and have had positive experiences.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Allison B. - Goleta, CA

This facility was great! they picked me up so fast at the airport, they were nice and my car was waiting for me when i arrived! In fact, im booking again with them now!


Outdoor Valet Parking


My daughter and I were leaving from LAX for a flight to Minnesota and hate the shuttles that pick you up at your home 4-5 hours before your flight leaves so I searched different off-site parking lots and Sam's had the best reviews (and low prices) even though they haven't been operating for very long; I figured they would be trying to make a good impression and I was right! Very easy to find and one reviewer made a good point that the lot wasn't exactly across from Wally's Park but around the curve and that was perfect advice. When we arrived we didn't even wait 10 minutes to be taken to the airport, which was only a short distance away. When we returned 5 days later we called and within 15 minutes we were picked up and returned to our car. The drivers going both ways were very courteous and helpful. I will definitely use Sams Park again if traveling out of LAX.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Dave - Camarillo, CA

Took 35 min to get a van to pick us up from Bradley terminal, then it was not one of their advertised mercedes buses; but some car/van.

A $1 a day for trucks and SUVs is just another way to make money, there is room for them. If they have an off site lot we were not aware as their little lot is where we parked our truck and picked it from the same spot. Price was ok; but the wait is painful expecially when you are coming back from overseas and are very tired. The airport is a mess; but I saw at least 5 Wally Park Vans in the same time it took us to get one of Sam's. Also all these car lots buy and sell out frequently and many have very similar names. There are no Van's maked Sam's only the name of the business they bought it from which is very similiar to two other van companies. I might use them again.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Bluecrab - Venice

First time I've used Sams Park. Usually I use the Parking Spot @ LAX. I must say that I was very happy with the parking experience and will use Sam Park again.


Outdoor Valet Parking


Loved this experience - the shuttle getting picked up was a little slow and the bathrooms at this place could use a bit of help. But otherwise, the rate was awesome and the staff is super friendly.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Mark H. - Los Angeles, CA

very resoable price and close to the airport. pick up was quick. only problem is the confusion between Sams Park and Park Place names.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Ruth R.

I was very impressed! Easy to find, friendly and reasonable. Will go again and recommend should I be asked. Keep name in my file for futere use.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Angela K. - Canyon Lake, CA

I was skeptical with the low price and seeing that Sam's Park was new with no reviews. But I gave it a shot and will definitely use this location in the future.

Upon arrival the shuttle driver asked how I was doing as far as time goes to catch my flight, I said I was running late due to traffic. He hurried up, jumped in and got me there in a jiffy!

Then when I returned to the airport, called for shuttle pick up, the driver arrived within minutes and went above and beyond to attempt to pick up other passengers that had called for a lift. He even got out of the van at a few terminals that he had been told had customers- walked up and down the pickup area announcing "Sam's".

The ONLY minor complaint is the directions to the actual parking location. There needs to be a sign that points around the corner - as it really isn't directly across the street from the location stated in the directions.


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