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Outdoor Self

Chris D. - Lake Tapps, WA

Made us wait to shuttle us to the airport, for 15 minutes, not too terrible. Picking us up we called to be picked up, waiting at the spot where they said to be, and the lady told us it would be 10 minutes, and that he was on his way. After about 30 minutes I called again because he had not come around yet, and I know this for a fact because I knew exactly what van he was in, and what it looked like because it was so beat down compared to the rest, she said that the driver had already been around and back to their motel, so she sent him again, saying it would be another 10 minutes. After another 30 minutes, he finally showed up. Took an hour to be picked up from the airport, when the facility was 10 minutes away.. Terrible service, terrible ran business. Will NOT be a returning customer.


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Anonymous - Seattle

No one to blame but myself, I guess, as I really should have done more research. The location was not at all ideal - once I got to the inn, they estimated it would take 15 minutes to get to the airport. Also, they only have shuttles running every 30 min (or I think it was pointed out to me that it leaves 30 minutes after it arrives). I ended up having to call for a cab which cost ~$20 to get to the airport. The location is not ideal and not recommended if you're arriving late at night.

Find something closer.


Outdoor Self

Felix - Surrey, BC

The car was not brought to the lot when I went for pickup.


Outdoor Self

Christine B.

This service is TERRIBLE. We got to the place that we reserved, that we had a confirmation for and they were full. We ended up having to pay $135 dollars to park for a week. We would not have done, we had other, much cheaper options. I will be very leery of ever reserving with you again.


Outdoor Valet

Ryan S. - Seattle, WA

This was quite literally my WORST parking experience ever! I get there to drop off my car and the people inside the office tell me that the shuttle driver will be ready in 3 minutes... 15 minutes later he shows up. Not very good service for a shuttle that is taking people to the airport, but whatever, I guess not everyone has good time management skills. That part was annoying but now for the bad part.. I arrive back at the airport with only my carry-on bag and go outside to the courtesy phones and call for the shuttle driver to come pick me up. While I am waiting I see people from my flight that had to wait for their luggage come out of the airport, call for a shuttle and leave. And still I am waiting. Over 45 minutes went by before the guy showed up. I finally get back to the Sea-tac value inn to get my car and they can't find my keys! For almost an hour they were looking for the keys to my car. They looked in the office, no keys, then the valet guy that could barely speak English had me ride with him over to the lot (IN A CUSTOMER'S CAR, NOT HIS OWN which I found to be very Un-professional) to look through a stack of other customers keys that were in an unlocked car in an unlocked parking lot where they still could not find my keys. The guy drove me back over to the Value Inn once again in a customer's car and told me sorry. By this time I am furious and starting to show it. I told the office people that if they didn't find my keys that they were going to have to pay for a locksmith to come our and make a key for my car and asked them why they wouldn't keep the keys inside the office where they would be safe and easily located they had no response for me. Another worker went into a back office and looked for my keys and found them somewhere. So, from my experience they have no safety, no business ethics and no management skills. I wouldn't park at this place again if it was free!


Outdoor Self

Al - Blaine, WA

Great parking spot, friendly stuff, all works quick and easy. A bit far from the airport, but overall great value, you can't find a better deal. Will park there again.


Outdoor Self

KK - Seattle, WA

From the time I arrived, the employees were very rude and unprofessional. I told them I had reservations and was there for the 9 AM shuttle. When I was told it was valet only, I said I was suprised as the website did not mention this as far as I could remember. They then said I should go somewhere else but charged my card they were holding anyway. I went to get my luggage as there was not much time to find another place, but the shuttle pulled away as I was a standing next to it. The staff people in the office then started yelling at me about not being able to delay other people. I don't think 1-2 minutes loading a person standing right there ready would have been a problem as the shuttle left a few minutes before 9 as it was. I ended up leaving and finding a place where the staff didn't yell and treat people like dirt. Never go to this horrible place!


Outdoor Self

Frederick G. - Poulsbo, WA

First of all, the name of the Inn/Parking is "Valu", not "Value". This caused difficulty finding the inn on the first pass, wasting limited time finding the lot. Secondly, there was a very long wait for the shuttle van to the airport. Finally, when I went to retieve my vehicle it was blocked in by a car poorly parked by staff. Also, they require that the key be left with the Inn desk clerk. I will use another company next time.


Outdoor Valet

Joel R. - Seattle, WA

The parking lot was overbooked. I had to scramble to find parking on a holiday weekend and make my flight in time. I will never recommended this to anyone. Shame on you.


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