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Indoor Self

Chris - Los Angeles

It took approximately 30 - 40 minutes for the shuttle to arrive to take us to the airport. You could see on the board that one shuttle was looping around the airport while the other two were simply parked next to one another in the middle of the loop doing heaven knows what. Every time we asked where the shuttle was we were told "three minutes away". For customers who might have tight schedules for checking in, going through security and making a flight, this is unacceptable. Nobody needs that additional stress on top of what they know they will get once the reach the airport. And this time specifically could have caused someone to miss their flight.


Indoor Self

Virginia B. - Los Angeles, CA

When I pulled out of the parking structure, I was charged $118 not the $26 like I saw online. Quite perplexed, I had to repark, go inside and speak with the man at the front. It was not apparent that I was supposed to do this before returning to my car. While I would park here again out of convenience and cost, I wish the instructures had been more clear and that my return trip had been easier.


Indoor Valet

Rosendo A. - Woodland Hills, CA

I paid for valet indoor parking but my car was dirty like it was outside, not indoors. They could not locate my keys, so I had to wait outside while they located them. No one helped me with my bags or even walked to my car to open the door. They did not apologize for the delay or asked me to sit inside while they looked for my car.


Indoor Valet

KPT - Los Angeles, CA

The price was great. The staff were helpful, expedient, and friendly. The only downside is the wait time for the shuttle was rather unpredictable. For some people it was faster, but for us the wait was at least 20 minutes each way to and from the airport.


Indoor Self

Michael W. - Thousand Oaks, CA

Your service and organization treated us very well. Drivers were friendly and helpful.


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Pam Q. - Los Angeles, CA

Wish that the shuttle would have gotten there faster.


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Andrew M. - Santa Clarita, CA

Covered & secure overnight parking is a plus. Good restaurant if your hungry.


Indoor Self

Robin D. - LA

Fabulous. Needed a little more information on when the shuttle ran for pick up at the airport, and who to take the invoice to for payment. Everyone was very courteous.


Indoor Self

Alison - Thousand Oaks, CA

I would like to warn anybody that's thinking about using the Renaissance parking for LAX to go somewhere else. My family stayed overnight at the hotel to make things easier as we had an early flight the next morning. The hotel was fine and the shuttle to LAX was fine.

When arriving back at LAX however and waiting for the shuttle our wait ended up being 50 mins and the shuttle NEVER CAME. AFter calling the hotel after 20 and 35 mins and being told each time that our longest wait will be 15 or 20 mins and seeing every other hotel and parking shuttle went by at least 6 or 7 times I called again and spoke to the hotel manager who contacted the shuttle and said it will be there in 3 to 5 mins at the longest and to take a taxi if they aren't there in 5 min and they would reimburse taxi money. It took another 15 mins to walk down with all our luggage to the next terminal to get a taxi and still never saw the shuttle. Although we were reimbursed by the hotel for the taxi (had to wait at the front desk to be reimbursed), the experience wasted almost an hour of our time in which we could have been home by then. It appeared that they only had one shuttle bus working. (normally they only have 2). Well hello, you need more shuttle buses. Before staying at the Renaissance I read reviews and saw some complaints about horrible wait times for shuttle at LAX and I figured it was a fluke. Now I know to take the reviews more seriously. Do not park somewhere that only has 1 or 2 shuttle buses. Never in my years at parking at LAX airport have we had such an inefficient parking experience.


Indoor Self

Roxanne D. - San Pedro, CA

Altogether I had a good experience. The location was good and the staff helpful. I would use this service in the future.


Indoor Valet

K G P. - Fullerton, CA

Have never had an easier experience. Especially for the money.

It would have been perfect, but the computer was down; and we had a bit of trouble completing the transaction.


Indoor Valet

Jeff M. - San Marcos, CA

I utilized Renaissance twice this month, and both times I was very pleased with the short wait time for the shuttle (especially when picked up at the airport). In both case, my car was out and waiting when I arrived. Everything went smoothly and quickly.


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