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Indoor Self Parking


Although I am missing a hub cap for my car (i have no idea if it was taken off there or somewhere else), we had an excellent experience with you we will definitely be using you any tome we fly out of Reagan airport.


Indoor Self Parking

Bruce H. - VA

First time user. Drove into garage and could not find valet parking despite driving 'round and 'round. Finanally left and was glad to note that I was not charged at the exit. Saw the valet (person) at the hotel entrance and then realized where to go. Would be nice for first time users to indicate where to find the valet.


Indoor Self Parking


I use your service almost every week, so overall am very pleased. My one irritation is that on the way to the airport the drivers want to stop only at Terminal A and door 5 for Terminal B rather than driving the couple of hundred extra yards to door 9 - which they are supposed to do. If I ask, the driver will take me, but I shouldn't have to ask when 9 is a scheduled stop. Otherwise, great place to park.


Indoor Self Parking

itscold - NOVA

My first experience using this parking service. Did not really understand just how to proceed and had a difficult time leaving off car. First, shuttle van was packed, had to wait for another. Nerve racking drop off but now that I understand procedures, would use again.


Indoor Self Parking

Alex W. - NYC

Staff is very helpful and courteous. The parking area is safe and lots of room. It is like valet parking, you hand in the key and the car was returned to the entrance circle.

Hotel was not easy to find, because my GPS was five years old, and the address did not exist then.

Shuttle time to get to the airport was 40 min, because two other stops. On return, shuttle only took 7 min, 1 stop, then Renaissance Hotel.

I will park my Cadillac DTS here again!


Indoor Self Parking


I have parked at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View several times and find it convenient with good service for the required valet service.


Indoor Self Parking

Mary G.

It was great, handy, timely, courteous, at a fabulous price. Will certainly use this service again.


Indoor Self Parking

Cheri L. - Manheim, PA

It was a very good experience. We parked and were at the airport in a few minutes. On the way home, we walked out from the baggage area and the shuttle was waiting. Everyone was very friendly. Would definitely use again.


Indoor Self Parking

Sean S. - Clinton, MD

This is my second time using this place and it as been great both times. Will use them again.


Indoor Self Parking

Jonathan V. - Fairfax, VA

A big saving parking at Renaissance hotel, with Airport shuttle it is convenient for both drop off and pickup. The route takes about 7-10 minutes ride, but the shuttle has a schedule run every 20 minutes. All this compiles to about at least 30 minutes plan into your schedule, not a rush job. Plan on it and you save big.

This is an efficient operation. I left the car for valet parking at the Renaissance hotel early Sunday morning and with 20 minutes for the next airport shuttle scheduled run, I was a little worried about missing my flight, but all went well. The return was much more convenient with a shuttle pickup at the airport about 10:30PM and with one phone call upon arrival, the parking attendant made my car available and ready for my arrival. Pickup was well within 5 minutes of my arrival.

You got my vote for this well done job.


Indoor Self Parking

Ronald T. - Silver Spring, Md

The shuttle runs a slightly different schedule than the closer airport lots. Other than that everything else about the parking experience is very good. The hoel is relatively close to the airport. The lobby is nice and clean so you have a good restroom t ohit while you wait on the shuttle. On your return trip you can call ahead with your ticket number and once the shuttle does arrive and get you back to the hotel your car will be available. There is one extra tip you may want to consider, for the Bellman who retrieves your car. But I've found the over cost to be much less than Satellite parking. I highly recommend it.


Indoor Self Parking

Kristie O. - Baltimore

Being that I was driving from Baltimore to fly out of DCA with a 3 year old I was very anxious that my travel was going to be a disaster. However, my experience couldn't have been easier. There was a less than 5 minute wait time for the shuttle both leaving and returning from the airport (maybe I just got lucky). I found it to be very easy and affordable. I will definitely park there again.


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