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Indoor Self Parking

Mayank - Los Angeles

Close to LAX and the shuttle left for the airport quickly and came relatively quickly upon our return. The one issue was that it was unclear how to pay with a prepaid online confirmation because the exit gates have no personnel. That part was confusing and the office where you have to submit your online printout to get an exit voucher is marked as an employee lounge, not as a place of business.


Indoor Valet Parking

Patrick S.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the convenience the new parking building and this company's personnel. They bent over backward to give me the best possible service both arriving and leaving the airport. I was five hours late returning to the facility and expected an additional charge, and there was none.


Indoor Self Parking

Falko H. - Santa Barbara

This was our first time at QuikPark in general. The new location is the closest you can get outside the airport. My navigation took us right in front of the building where big purple signs took over to guide us to the entrance. A nice guy told us where to park. The space of the parking lot is very big with enough room to get in and out your car without hitting your neighbor (or get hit). Elevators took us to the ground level and the shuttle left immediately. The guy was nice, friendly and helpful. We arrived at Terminal 4 in less than 10 Minutes. He gave us a business card with a phone number to call upon arrival. On our way back, we called 3 times (no criticism, they must be very busy sometime and the business card also tells you were to go) before someone picket up the phone and guided us to the right pick-up location. He told us the driver is informed to look out for us at Terminal 4. When the driver arrived he specifically asked if we were the ones who called which I found to be very nice. Waiting time less than 10 Minutes at 8pm on a Sunday evening.

Two hints/suggestions: (1) If you have a prepaid ticket you have to go to office room at south-end of building by the elevators to get exit ticket (not like other facilities where you press the intercom button at the exit barrier, give your reservation number and leave). (2) Do NOT just look at front of Shuttle to find the name QuikPark on it. Ours just said Radisson and on the side there was the name QuikPark. I think we left one shuttle out by not paying attention. Just check every purple's bus side and you'll be fine. Bottom line: If the rates stay that low (which I doubt), we will definitely come back. There is no possible way that someone else can beat that.


Indoor Self Parking

Jack C. - Pasadena

Good location, good garage, good shuttles, short wait time, and excellent price.

My only complaint would be the lack of clear instructions on how to leave when I returned from my trip. Turned out the cashier, who I needed to get my exit ticket from, was sitting at an unadorned desk in a room labelled "Authorized Personnel Only" and none of the other staff I asked had been able explain that.


Indoor Self Parking


I park here all the time now. I am a repeat customer - 'nuff said.


Indoor Self Parking

Robert C. - Alhambra, CA

I love it here at QuikPark. I will definitely go park here again in the future.


Indoor Self Parking

Scott - Irvine

Very nice. On departure, easy to find parking structure, a live person greeting and guiding at such an early hour already, shuttle arriving in less than 2 minutes. On arrival, quick service, about 10 minutes, clean van, and courteous driver. Very satisfied. I'll use the facility again.


Indoor Self Parking

Gary K. - Monterey Park, CA

First time to new parking structure. Plenty of space and the better elevator than before.


Indoor Self Parking

James M. - Tustin, CA

love the NEW quick park. nice staff. easy access. quick shuttle.


Indoor Self Parking

Jose M. - Los Angeles, CA

Best in and out experience! fastest shuttle pick up and great customer service from everyone that works here. I have parked everywhere in LAX. I love this location.


Indoor Self Parking

John H. - Temecula, CA

After reading the reviews I was hesitant to park here but went ahead and did it anyway. Boy was I glad, we had a covered parking spot, the shuttle was waiting for us and promply dropped us off at our terminal. He gave us a card and directed us to call when we were to be picked up. We called and less than 5 mins. he was there to pick us up and take us back to the structure, only minutes away.This has been the best experience at extended parking we have ever had and would reccomend Quick Park to everyone!


Indoor Self Parking

CL. - Los Angeles, CA

I have used QuickPark three times now and my overall experience with them has been great. The staff is always very nice, respectful, and knowledgable. The shuttle staff is even better because drivers tend to be funny. The commute time to LAX is not even 10 minutes and the pick up at the parking lot is quite quick.

My only recommendation to management is to improve the pick-up at LAX. Sometimes you have to wait too long to be picked up. Every time I called to ask where the shuttle was, they sent the shuttle right away - but I should not need to be calling all the time. The rest of the service is great!!!


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