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Indoor Self Parking

Russell Ringl

This is the first time I've used Quik Park at its new location. I used it extensively at the old location, and will now use it extensively at the new one.


Indoor Self Parking

Steve Voelker

Awesome new place!


Indoor Self Parking

Michael L - Los Angeles, CA

If you're flying Southwest at Terminal 1, this lot is only a 10-minute walk away. I parked, took the shuttle to the airport with no wait time, and upon return, didn't even look for a shuttle but just made the 10-minute walk. It worked really well for me.


Indoor Self Parking

Al C - South Bay

Parking here was a breeze & the people were friendly & helpful.


Indoor Valet Parking

Cheryl B - Newbury Park

Have parked here twice. The first time I had difficulty with pre-paid parking, as I wasn't sure where to park. An employee told me to park in a handicapped spot, as I had a small cast on my foot. He directed me to the office, and assured me that he would re-park my car for me. When I returned that evening, I didn't think to check to see if the handicapped placard was in the car. However, when I took my 90 year old to the doctor the next morning, the placard was nowhere to be found. My car was only parked in the QuikPark lot for approx. 10 hours, then was locked in my garage overnight. Just saying.

The 2nd time I parked there, I knew the drill so I had no problems. FYI: I removed the replaced handicapped placard before leaving my car there!

I love how close it is to the airport, but the last time I needed the shuttle, it passed me by without stopping. So, I had to call again & wait about 15 mins for another one.


Indoor Self Parking

Work Hard for Money - Fullerton, CA

I love this place!! I'm so glad they opened up. This is my new parking location. 5 star service like the others but with a low price. Shuttles were lined up in 3 rows just waiting to take people to the airport. Easy in and out. New vans and clean.

I made 2 other reservations for future trips! :)


Indoor Self Parking

Juan Carlos M.

Very close to LAX. Nice structure with quick service to the airport. I will not use or recommend this service again as it took more than 20 minutes after I called for a shuttle to appear. I had to call multiple times for the shuttle. I saw other company shuttles pass by multiple times.


Indoor Self Parking

Lynda Y. - Ventura, CA

The Best. This was our first experience with QuickPark at LAX. We packed only carryons for a week cruise to Bermuda, flew Southwest in Terminal 1, so we didn't use the lot's shuttle service. We arrived early in the morning for our flight and walked 15 minutes to the terminal. No problems. We arrived back at LAX at night and walked back to our car. Since it was so close it was less hassle to walk off the flight than call and wait and watch for a shuttle. We left on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and didn't find a spot to park until we arrived on the rooftop--it wasn't indoors as I had hoped but that isn't the lot's fault.

Flying again and booking our reservation for QuickPark now.

*NOTE Take a copy of your printed receipt with you and get the exit ticket before going to your car. I didn't have ours so had to double park on the way out and run into the little office to get the exit pass. It would be helpful if the exit process was told in advance on the website. Now I know… and so do you!


Indoor Valet Parking

Dave O.

This made our trip a very pleasant experience, far better than taking a shuttle to the airport!


Indoor Valet Parking

Barbara Hudec - CA

The valet guys were great, everything ready to go both at drop off and pick up. I went with Parking Central once, they overbooked or let in too many walk ins and I almost couldn't park, even with a reservation. They added other areas and it took a lot of time I didn't expect before my flight. Then the elevator didn't work and I had to get my bags down from the third floor and their attitude about it all was very poor. I'll never go there again. I never have trouble with Quik Park, and now that I have tried their valet service I will do that again.


Indoor Self Parking


We parked on the second week of June and it was a great experience! We are going on another trip this July and I'm making my reservation today. I've already let my family and friends know about this lot. Great experience overall!


Indoor Self Parking

Paul A.

Had to park on top level, so not covered parking as advertised as it was packed.


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