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Indoor Self Parking

Suzanne T. - Placentia, CA

As you can clearly see, I like this lot! I have had great service every time.


Indoor Self Parking

Suzanne T. - Placentia, CA

Everything was great! Garage was a bit full and I had to park on top but managed to snag a spot under the structure. All in all this is the way to go!
Thank you : )


Indoor Self Parking

Maria Teresa C. - Pico Rivera, CA

The facility does not have an elevator from the office to the 'self park' floors, i had to carry my luggage up a flight of stairs. Not much fun after traveling all day.


Indoor Self Parking

Yong - Bakersfield, CA

a parking place gives you a peace of mind.


Indoor Self Parking

Eileen - Santa Clarita, CA

The facility was dark and scary because it was early morning and no one was around. I felt very unsafe. The elevator was not working and the stairwell door was jammed or locked so I had to walk down 5 levels with a large suitcase. The staff knew I was stuck upstairs when I called down and asked for help, but IGNORED ME. She acted like I was causing trouble. I waited a loooooong time for the shuttle, in the rain to top it off! After all that, the rest was uneventful--pleasant driver, returned to a car in same condition as I left it. I would never use this place again as my time and sanity are worth more than what I saved!


Indoor Self Parking

Jessica P. - Santa Paula, CA

When reading the previous reviews of this place I was a bit apprehensive about using them. I had already told the hubby to plan to argue about how much we are supposed to pay when we get back and that we would probably have a long wait for the shuttle back to the lot. Well none of those things were an issue. We found them quickly, found a parking spot fast, and after parking were on the shuttle in about 5min. The driver was very courteous and she quickly and carefully loaded our luggage on and off the shuttle. She got us to the terminal in about 30 seconds (it helped ours was the 1st one) and away we went.

When we got back from our trip the hubby called the number on our ticket to make sure we went to the right spot to catch the shuttle back, and after waiting a couple minutes, they were there to pick us up. We got back, paid what we were supposed to per this site, and left with no issues. In fact I am writing this review before I reserve a space again for a trip this week!


Indoor Self Parking

Rita F. - Santa Clarita, CA

we arrived at 10 pm on a Sunday night and had to wait more than 1/2 an hour.........one passed by and was full...the second one almost full and almost did not get us...we had to complain. they shoul have more shuttles going back and forth.


Indoor Self Parking

Glenn S. - Santa Clarita, CA

Lot was close to the airport. Lot was very crowded. We found what was at that point literally the last spot in the whole garage. Elevator does NOT go to bottom floor, so we had to drag our luggage down a big flight of stairs. Would never use this lot again.


Indoor Self Parking

Stephen L. - Los Angeles, CA

The price was great. The location felt safe. Here's the stupid thing for self parking. You must take the stairs between the ground level and the second level if you self park; then, you can take the elevator among all the other floors. The shuttle was also kind of slow. I waited about 20 minutes when other lots had multiple shuttles stop and pick people up.


Indoor Self Parking

Michael - Santa Clarita, CA

Had to drive for 10-15 minutes before finally finding an open indoor parking space. The elevator does not take you down all the way to the ground floor. You have to haul your luggage up & down a steep flight of stairs in order to get to the ground. Not sure why the elevator wouldn't just take you to the ground floor. Shuttle to airport was fast. Had to wait 30 minutes or so to be picked up from airport. Tried calling number 3 or 4 times before finally getting an answer when calling for pickup. Didn't realize it at the time, but was overcharged $6 or so, & didn't arrive early or leave late from my reserved time. Was OK for the price, but will try another parking lot next time.


Indoor Self Parking

Evelyn R. - Garden Grove, CA

great, had no problem, will park at QuikPark LAX again.


Indoor Self Parking

Ashley M. - Huntington Beach, CA

WOW, I am writing a review, because I am back on their site booking another spot with this company again. I have a new Lexus and my car was kept safe! They even offered to wash my car (for extra cost). I arrived early morning, found a covered spot. Waited a reasonable time for shuttle (10-15mins) They dropped us off right where our check in curb was.

Only Con: when we came home it was day after thanksgiving.. airport in general was a nightmare so we did not see a shuttle until 45min after arrivel time.

BUT man at first desk gave me a discount because he felt bad ( fyi I didn't ask for it) and we were on our way! Love them. Car was safe, we felt safe. Just like their sign said Quik Park! Thank you early morning staff and night staff! See you in two months!


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