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Indoor Self Parking

Juan Fernandez

Great experience overall... will definitely use it again!!!


Indoor Self Parking

Dr Franco - San Diego

Exactly what I had hoped for. Parking is very near the airport. We arrived about 5AM and had to do a bit of searching for self-parking, but found space within 10 minutes. The structure itself is a bit confusing in navigating where self-parking is allowed. Shuttle was immediate to the airport. On our return, the shuttle was just leaving the pick-up point and we missed it, but another was around in less than 10 minutes. Checkout was a breeze. Overall, an excellent experience and I would use QuikPark again.


Indoor Self Parking

Ray - Los Angeles

Great experience, will definite park here when need arise.


Indoor Valet Parking


I will definitely use quick park every time I need to fly out of town. They are prompt, courteous, and my car was safe and sound.


Indoor Valet Parking

Anne Boden

Loved the convenience! I made the reservation online a few hours before my flight and I added on the car wash when I got there, I used valet so the car was already pulled out waiting for me at the entrance when I got back from my trip. That was fantastic after an 8 hour flight delay at the airport and getting in at 4 am, it was nice to not have to hassle with getting my car, you guys made it easy. Thank you! I will definitely use it again!


Indoor Valet Parking

John E. Brown - Riverside

Great customer service. The valets and the drivers are terrific. Signing and directional signing could be better placed and aligned. Entering and exiting is a bit confusing. Pick up was prompt and assistance with luggage very much appreciated. Good job!


Indoor Valet Parking

Tamara A Spaur

Loved being able to have one family member valet the auto and with a pic of valet ticket have a different family member pick it up! Thank you!!!

Waited over 20min. for shuttle after being told it would be 10min. If it will be 20+ min. just say so.


Indoor Valet Parking

Kimberly Roome

My only issue is with the car wash we had done. We picked up our vehicle late at night and didn't notice until we got home that the back of the car is dusty and dirty. Maybe the car was washed on the first day and got dirty while sitting in the parking structure during the 4 days you had the car... not sure what happened. I will use your service again because everything else was great, but will definitely not be getting the car washed with QuikPark again.


Indoor Valet Parking

Jamie Peterson

We are extremely disappointed in the experience. When we arrived and had our bags in hand, per the card provided we called to confirm pickup. From the time we placed our call within 10 minutes we saw the first bus drive by. Within 30 minutes we saw a total of 3 buses drive by, none of which were full. Despite flagging each bus, they drove by. Calls were made and we were told a bus was en route. Each call we let them know a bus drove by and were repeatedly told a bus is on the way. We will never use Quick Park again.


Indoor Valet Parking

Brian Clawson

Always great service, even when a mistake has been made they handle themselves with the up most of class. I would book with Quikpark any day when needed!


Indoor Self Parking

SunDevil OC - Rancho Santa Margarita

Shuttles were quick, process was easy, will definitely park here again.


Indoor Valet Parking

Chris Patton

Valet didn't help me load bags. They made me do it. People in the office were really rude to both my wife and I. I will NEVER park with Quikpark again. I spoke with someone on the phone yesterday before my flight explaining that I will be late due to flight delays as well as I misplaced my parking ticket. The lady I spoke with said I could use my confirmation email that I had. People in office gave me a hard time and it was a 45 minute ordeal and they were not very pleasant towards me or my wife. Especially the manager. If there were a possiblility for a refund I would definitely ask for it.


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