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Derrick A. - Tampa, FL

What a great place to park your car and not pay ridiculous prices for parking. We arrived and everyone was very pleasant and helpful. The driver of the shuttle helped us with our bags, since we have a toddler to tend to. We made reservations on line to get the good deal, and when we came back to our pleasant surprise we got an even better deal for being service members. Thanks for appreciating your service members! We will definitely return.


Self Parking

Juan G. - Tampa, FL

I had the best experience with Premier. This was my first time using this type of parking service. I simply made my reservation online, used my AAA discount, and paid. Rates are reasonable & location is excellent (conveniently next to airport).

I admit they have fantastic customer service. Drivers are ready for you as soon as you pull into a parking space. A shuttle is ready for you before you you make it out of your car. He carried all five of our bags onto the shuttle. He refused my husband's help & insisted for us to sit & relax. The night we returned He was nice & helpful too. We didn't wait long. We stepped out of baggage claim & here comes the Premier shuttle. He spotted us & welcomed us aboard. He carried all our bags including additional bags we came back home with.


Self Parking

Shayla L. - Tampa, FL

Thanks for ease of reserving on line and ease of pick up and delivery from the airport at a reasonable price. Keep up the great work!!


Self Parking

Alyssa S. - Newark, NJ

I've parked with Premier in both Newark and Port of Miami before this experience. Tampa airport parking was just as good. They gave me a free bottle of water while i was in the shuttle. Good customer service.


Self Parking

Jill F. - Safety Harbor, FL

The drivers were wonderful, friendly and helpful. Also, the signage was clear and made it easy to find the parking lot. I'd definitely use Premier Parking again.


Self Parking

Warren H. - Port St Lucie, FL

"Premier" means a diry lot behind the Howard Johnson's. There is an office window, in front of the laundry. No one was there. There is a number listed on the window, which doesn't work. I wandered around a bit looking for someoe who worked there. The area is sketchy and looks unlit. I went to the front dsk of the hotel, dragging my luggage around the hotel lot. Desk told me the lot was operated by a different company and to call a shuttle service number listed on the desk. The shuttle said they couldn't pick me up for 35 minutes! I left and went to a different lot.I'm trying to get my $35 refunded but don't have a lot of hope.


Self Parking

Rudolph K. - Venice, FL

Worst parking experience I ever had. Couldn't find the lot location, no address number on the location. People were unfriendly and unhelpful. Parking was behind a motel in an unguarded dirt lot. Had to carry luggage back from the lot to the front of the motel. Wait time for shuttle was too long and ridiculously long on the return trip. Had to carry luggage back to car from front of motel. Wouldn't use this service again even if it were free. Shoddy operation incompetently run.


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