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Teri F. - Dade City, FL

We were very pleased with our experience at Premier - the staff was very pleasant and prompt in getting us to the airport on time. When we returned from Greece the driver picked us up within 15 minutes. We will use this service again and recommend it to our friends.


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Robert D. - Pensacola, FL

Everything worked fine. Thank you.


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Paul T. - Lakeland, FL

The wait time for your shuttle service to and from your facility is too long. You may want to add another shuttle to your fleet. I had to wait 20 min. when I arrived at the airport to have someone pick me up. Other than that, the experience was OK.


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Abhaykumar S. - Lakeland, FL

There is only one person working at parking spot. Parking lot is not paved.
While coming back we keep going from one pickup area to other pickup area back and forth. It took more then half hour before we get out of exit. When we came back to parking lot. Everyone but our car was pulled up. Our car was still some where in the parking blocked by some other car! How that can happen? There was only one person so he was busy with getting new customer answering phone and pulling the car. We had better experience at some other parking lots much better.


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Angela E. - Lakewood Ranch, FL

A few points: the location is not bad, but it needs more signage. I have never had a problem with my car, I don't know well the area in which the parking lot is located and I don't know either the kind of security they have at night, but I would suggest a security system besides the fence is appropriate. The first time we used them we had to wait for somebody to open up shop in spite of having a reservation at a certain early time in the morning. No problem, we had time for our flight. The other two times we used them there has been no wait whatsoever.

All staff we have had contact with are very polite and helpful. Always willing to provide good service.
I will definitely use them again. The convenience-price factor is a super plus!


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Kt S. - Silver Springs, FL

Although I have used them the past few times I have flown out of TPA, don't take them when you need to be somewhere in a real hurry. Getting to the airport isn't bad, but on the return trip I always end up waiting at least 40 minutes just for the shuttle to get to the airport (worst was like an hour and fifteen minutes). I wish they had another shuttle too, the one is really making people wait longer.


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Nikki - Tampa, FL

My husband found this lot as an alternative to paying the big prices at TIA. We were going for a 4 day trip, flying out early on a Friday and back late on a Monday. My husband called to make a reservation, gave the girl who answered his email and was told to expect a confirmation email, which never came. We arrived at the parking lot, which is in a VERY unsafe part of town, behind a warehouse and incredibly hard to find, at 6am to one man working the lot (with one streetlight lighting the entire lot). He asked for our email, which we did not have, and said he couldn't park us without it. After some arguing, he agreed to let us park there, and since the lot was full, had us leave the key to valet and gave us a ticket. A van pulled up and squeezed us and our luggage in with about 8 other people, and got us to the airport. The problems arose when we came back. We arrived at TIA and I called as instructed. He told me where to go and said to call them when we got outside. I did so, and went to voicemail twice. He called back, and said the man was on his way and had just left the lot (about a 10 minute drive). 25 minutes later, the van pulls up, almost already packed. My husband and I squeeze in, the driver starts texting while driving, then calling the lot to give him the ticket numbers from the valet stubs he insisted we hand over. We pull into another lot at the airport, and there are more people waiting who are distraut at being left again, after waiting over an hour. The driver leaves without them, and takes us to the Premier lot. We pull in (it's around 11:30 at night) and there are all sorts of souped up racing cars in the lot next to the Premier Parking lot, with people outside yelling and drinking. We all unload the van, and some of the other guest's cars are waiting. The driver takes off to get the rest of the cars (driver and valet?) leaving the van idleing even though the tank was on E and there were people waiting back at the airport. Little by little, everyone's car is found and they leave, except my husband and I. The driver gets back in the van and leaves, and the "lot manager" is ignoring his constantly ringing phone and tells us they lost our ticket and thus, cannot find our keys. My husband goes to help him look in their office, which is a one room trailer with no electricty. My husband had to get on his hands and knees and use the flashlight on his phone to look. Another 15 minutes go by before they're found. There was no system, keys were just duct taped to the wall of the trailer, or piled in the floor. Even having the ticket (which they lost) wouldn't have helped since the keys weren't numbered. Then the guy asked if we'd move our own car out of the back of the valet lot so he could answer the phone. It was a horrible experience, and I cannot stress strongly enough that no one should park here EVER.


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Phyllis L. - Sun City Center, FL

Everything was fine, but I did have to wait longer than I hoped to at the shuttle pick up.


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Brian D. - Fort Myers, FL

Location - looked run down and scary to pull into at night with gang of young people hanging out at business that sat in front.

Shuttle - van was worn and used step stool for in and out. Ok, but seemed tacky.

Pick up - waited over an hour due to only one vehicle to do pick ups and confusion as to location of pick up area. Card I was given did not have enough info.

Driver - was courteous and knew I was not a happy camper. I was careful not to take it out on him. He was doing his job and did it well. I gave him a fair tip.

The whole operation was way below the standard I expected, and I have used many off site discount locations. I travel fairly regularly and definitely the "most challenging" parking experience I've had.


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Shannon C. - Tallahassee, FL

I selected this parking lot based on information posted on the website. It said shuttle service every 15-20 minutes. I arrived at 7:10 am and did not get to airport until 8:00 am. This made me very nervous about missing my flight. Since the traffic is heavy at that time of the morning, I suggest having more than one shuttle going back and forth. Return service from the airport at 7:00 pm was fast and efficient.


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Matt T. - Valrico, FL

This was the worst parking lot I have ever parked at. What a huge mistake just to save a couple of dollars. I called to have them pick me up and they advised it would be 15 to 20 minutes. 60 minutes later they finally showed up. I heard them telling others the same thing. Some advise to Premier Parking - Just be honest with your customers about the wait times. Lying only makes us more upset. The parking lot leaves a less than secure feel and the staff is not helpful. Park with them at your own risk but it is not worth it just to save a couple bucks.


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John G. - Gainesville, FL

Your online information says the number to call for pickup at the airport after you return is on the receipt. It is not. Apparently it is on a separate card the person giving you the receipt is supposed to give you at the same time. But I was not given the card with the phone number, and didn't discover that the number wasn't on the receipt until after I arrived. I kept calling the phone numbers from my search on the internet, but got the run-around and recorded prompts that were not helpful at all. I finally reached the right number after about an hour. The van driver was nice, but I was pretty frustrated. I suggest that you either print the number on the receipt, or make sure the people get the card with the phone number. And if the number isn't printed on the receipt, you should change the internet directions that say it will be.


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