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Outdoor Valet

Judith M. - Fort Pierce, FL

The service was fantastic. We would highly recommend this parking facility. We will definitely use their service in the future. I have used parking facilies near the Orlando aiprport for many years. This has been my best experience ever.


Outdoor Valet

Sandra F. - Ocala, FL

First time I parked before I flew. Was impressed with the ease of the experience. Will definitely do it again.


Outdoor Valet

Carolyn L. - South Daytona, FL

Will definitely use again!


Outdoor Valet

Scott - Sebastian, fl

Everything went well, on time and at a great price. A little far from the airport, but if you are coming from the east it's perfect.


Outdoor Valet

Cynthia H. - Vero Beach, FL

Honestly, they are the best!!!! I drove up and was taken care of immediately. No waiting.

This place is GREAT -- very clean, staff is friendly, shuttle is on time and you can have your car washed or serviced while you are away. What's not to like?

Be smart -- park here.


Outdoor Valet

Donna B. - Melbourne, FL

Great overall experience. We checked right in and were immediately taken to the airport. In fact, my daughter thought she had forgotten her cell phone in the car half way there and the driver offered to take us back to the car to get it. It had fallen on the floor of the van we were in. Upon return we called from the tram as we were instructed at check in and very little wait for the shuttle to come and take us to the car. Only negative was my daughters' car would not start when we loaded our bags and she went inside to get help and after a few attempts to start (which it did) all the desk person said was "we only park them, we don't move them till you are here" and went inside. We will use again only hope that if it gets busier the service does not suffer like other places! Over all a great experience!!!


Outdoor Valet

j hance - Fl

Had a great experience with this company. Friendly service and even had my oil change done while I was away. Tire Kingdom is next door and they took great care of my car.
willl defnitely use them again.


Outdoor Valet

Clanton - Orlando

Excellent airport parking, people are great. They even have a car care service on property.


Outdoor Valet

Jane B. - Port Orange, FL



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