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Shaded Outdoor Parking


1st driver to take us to the airport was a grump, but the one who picked us up and brought us back to the lot was awesome. Overall, this is a great place to park. It was my 2nd time going there and won't be my last!


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Frances H. - Temecula, CA

The drivers are very prompt with pick ups. It is great to come back from a tiring trip and have such an easy and quick transfer toyour car!

I wish the spots were a little bigger, and the lot wasn't so dusty!


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Laura M. - Menifee, CA

Super easy to use. Everyone was very helpful and time efficient.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Christine V. - Hemet, CA

I guess the security is an issue, since fuel was syphoned from my vehicle during my absence. Very disappointing, especially coming home after a vacation still having a long drive home only to find out this happened.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Michel O. - Laguna Beach, CA

No waiting, no hic cups, getting to and from the airport was flawless. Thank you, see you next time.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Scott E. - San Diego, CA

Good prices and good service.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Angela G. - San Diego, CA

They were definitely short staffed.

The shuttle was super slow. They were too busy to be nice and patient with customers. Everyone else on the shuttle also seemed unhappy with the parking company's service.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Suzanne M. - San Marcos, CA

This is a tough one to rate. The personnel and the experience were great. We met 3 different employees on the round trip and all were pleasant and actually engaging/humorous, which personally I appreciate. The transportation was clean and quick on the out-going ride, but they were a little short staffed on the in-coming pickup. The driver was apologetic and actually arranged for one free day on our next trip as we had to make the airport loop twice before getting back to our car.

The parking lot itself needs to be reworked, repaved or better arranged. It is a tight squeeze and the ground is very uneven and it is confusing to get around. The car was dirty when we arrived, but in their defense, the parking lot sits under a bridge, is in a high traffic area and they do offer a wash service before you arrive. I really felt they were great overall and I would recommend them to anyone! The PEOPLE is what made the experience pleasant.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Richard - Carlsbad, Ca

Great service. Easy. Did a quick search on my phone. The name came up and I took a chance. It was great. Will use again for sure!


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Matthew V. - Canon City, CO

Site was a bit challenging to find via GPS. Your staff, however, were great, courteous, and helpful.

One small challenge we had; one of our group was parking a van and I followed him in my truck. Coming in, the lot attendant waved me in so the van driver wouldn't have to walk back. On our return, there was no one apparent in attendance and so, upon driving the van driver into the lot with my truck, then following him to the exit, the lot attendant had to take my word that I in the truck had not parked there. We did work out in the end.
And we'll be very likely to use your lot again on future trips to San Diego.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Stephen G. - San Diego, CA

Good experience. Finding entrance to facility seemed tricky. Courteous and quick. It was difficult to hear your staff member when I phoned on my cell phone from the airport to request pickup. This was probably because of noise in outdoor area from where I called (across bridge from terminal). But I wonder if amplification, or other measure, at your end would help. Calling on a land-line from the terminal is a suggestion if other users experience the same problem.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Roman Z. - Murrieta, CA

Shuttle was behind us before we even parked the car. Pickup was a breeze, We were in our car and on the road within 15 min of leaving baggage check. Thanks guys.


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