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Shaded Outdoor Parking

Lisa N - Temecula

A cheaper alternative to long-term airport parking. I will park there again.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Bonnie L R

24 hour facility. The shuttle got us right to the airport and we only waited 15 minutes at the mist to be picked up when we returned. Shuttle driver helped me with luggage and picked us up and dropped us off right at our car. Would definitely park here again!


Shaded Outdoor Parking

A. Kathleen - Irvine

What a GREAT place to park. Everyone was super helpful and efficient... we will definitely be parking here next time!


Shaded Outdoor Parking

William S J.

The guys we talked to were friendly and helpful. The shuttle drive was quick and efficient and we had no problem arriving at the airport on time. We will use your facility again!


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Brenda G. - Lake Havasu City

Close to the airport and efficient. That works for me!


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Debra M.

I'll will definitely use your service again. It was easy to do the reservation. We got to the airport without a problem and the pick up was shortly after we called.

It much easier using your service then waiting for a shuttle to pick me up at my house, because they are ALWAYS late & I stress about getting to the airport on time. Thanks so much for taking care of my car!


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Mava D.

Have used this lot several times and will continue. Employees are nice and always on time.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Anita J. - Imperial Valley

The location was difficult to access, however, the service made up for that inconvenience. The staff was polite, professional and very helpful. The price was also reasonable. If the price remains reasonable, I will use your service again.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Mark S.

After I booked I read some reviews on yelp and elsewhere. Got a little nervous about parking there. People are just petty and what they don't seem to understand is a business is at stake and they will try to bring it down by being petty. I didn't have to wait 15 or 20 minutes for the shuttle like others "said". Even if I did, big flipping deal. Was my car dirty, well yes, it sat outside for 4 days. It all worked for me. Lighten up complainers.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Kim L. - Tijuana

The location was really close to the airport and easy to find. The guys were incredibly helpful with getting me out of there FAST since I was almost late for my flight, they found a close space for me and made sure I got on the shuttle. Pickup on the way back was easy - I called and a few minutes later someone was there to drive me back to my car. I definitely recommend these guys!


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Linda P.

It was fine but took too long to pick up. Seemed like only one shuttle was running.


Shaded Outdoor Parking

Anne G.

After using your lot many times in the past few years, I was NOT happy when asked to leave my car to be valet parked...I did not know where it would be upon my return, and that was unsettling. It got BAD on my return, when I was driven around the lot to find my car, and then casually told "the key might be here, or if not, it might be there..."!!! If anyone with half a brain had hopped the fence, and your staff was distracted by checking cars in or out, my car might have been taken, busted thru the gate, and GONE!!!

If I find the valet service still in place when I need to travel in the future, I will go elsewhere.


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