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Indoor Self

Thierry D. - Los Angeles, CA

overall good, not much wait time on return.


Indoor Self

Joseph N. - Los Angeles, CA

Overall pretty good, the waits were short and I had no problems with the service. It took me awhile to find a spot, but so it goes with self-parking.

It's very helpful that their instructions tell you it's right after the Hilton; that makes it easy to find.


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Nick S. - Cerritos, CA

The 3rd time I parked in this facility. Almost no wait at all. The staff are professional. There was always a shuttle on stand by. Will definitely park again with them!


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luvtoski - Santa Monica, CA

Was in a huge hurry so when got down to the Park Air Express level, I saw attendant and told him was late and asked where to park. He immediately pointed to a spot and by the time I parked, he was as my door with the parking stub and wrote the spot number and what floor was on. I apologized for talking so hurried and he pointed where the elevator was. Very nice man! Just booked at same place for upcoming trip and highly recommend.


Indoor Self

Anthony Z. - Huntington Beach, CA

They use double and triple parking here. Waited 5 minutes for attendant to get keys and move car behind me.


Indoor Self

Craig H. - Milwaukie, OR

Was a little hard to find a first, but not bad. On entrance seems a little confusing for self park, but attendant was very polite and helpful. Shuttles could run more frequently is the only real downfall.


Indoor Self

Ken - Los Angeles, CA

They double park your car and you have to leave the key. The attendant said my car would be in the same row of spots when I get back but it might be blocked by one car. When i got back my car was not there!!! I asked the attendant where it was? He told me to push the panic button to find the car. Not a good experience. The shuttle took a long time and i had to pay extra because the shuttle took so long the time was over the original reservation time. Not recommended. Might have saved a few bucks but it was not worth it. You get what you pay for.


Indoor Self

Jonathan Z. - Los Angeles, CA

So here's the deal... I travel ~ 25 times per year for work and most often fly SouthWest. As work pays for parking during business trips, I most often park @ ParkNFly as it is walking distance to the terminal....

When I travel for pleasure, I often use this facility. On my last personal trip, I was excited to see this facility listed on -- and quickly purchased a reservation.

Everything worked perfectly... except the parking garage did not directly honor the reservation as I would have expected (I am sure this is called out somewhere in the fine print.)

The key issue is that the garage directly abides by the times selected on the reservation. When using the garage, without a reservation, all costs are based on a 24 hour day. For example, if the garage was to charge $10/day - and I enter @ 12:00pm, exiting the following day - the cost would be $10 (plus tax) independent on if I exited @ 8am, 9am, or 12pm...

Based on my understanding of how the garages charges - I selected an exit time at the same time my flight was scheduled to arrive (6pm.) In this case, my flight was 3 hours late getting in.... and as such I arrived at the garage at 9pm, 3 hours past my 'reservation time.' I was thus charged an extra day at full price.

In summary - when making your reservation - use the same time as the check-in time, for your checkout time to make sure you truly get what you pay for.

For example -- If you are planning to park Monday 9am thru Friday at 5pm -- instead of using Friday @ 5pm as your check out time, use Saturday @ 8am. Your costs will be the exact same... and you'll be protected should your flight get in late.


Indoor Valet

Linda N. - Los Angeles, CA

I recently traveled during the July 4th weekend and was very impressed with the high level of customer service I received with Park Air Express. I like that everything was fast and I was able to get in and out in no time at all. Considering this was during a holiday weekend, that says A LOT! I would definitely recommend this airport parking lot to all my friends.


Indoor Self


I had an excellent airport parking experience at Park Air Express by LAX. The check-in was seamless, our shuttles were prompt and courteous, and I found the location to be an incredible value. I will definitely continue to park at this location.


Indoor Self

Anonymous - Santa Monica, CA

Had to go around the block a couple times before parking because finding the actual entrance for the first time is tricky.

The shuttle took a bit longer since you have to call ahead.

Overall it was good.


Indoor Self

Paula A. - Paso Robles, CA

The parking lot was easy to find and close to airport. However once inside there were umpteen floors and no real directions or personnel to direct until we went down about 5 floors-once I found someone things went very smoothly and I was very impressed with how quickly they assisted us in parking and shuttled us to airport. However, getting back was another story. I had to call shuttle twice. We waited more than 30 minutes. Other parking lot shuttles went by literally 7 times before their shuttle bus showed up. Once inside we were directed to cashier, who was completely unhelpful in giving directions to the elevator which was not obvious or close - let alone the correct floor.


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