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Indoor Self


So here's the deal... I travel ~ 25 times per year for work and most often fly SouthWest. As work pays for parking during business trips, I most often park @ ParkNFly as it is walking distance to the terminal....

When I travel for pleasure, I often use this facility. On my last personal trip, I was excited to see this facility listed on -- and quickly purchased a reservation.

Everything worked perfectly... except the parking garage did not directly honor the reservation as I would have expected (I am sure this is called out somewhere in the fine print.)

The key issue is that the garage directly abides by the times selected on the reservation. When using the garage, without a reservation, all costs are based on a 24 hour day. For example, if the garage was to charge $10/day - and I enter @ 12:00pm, exiting the following day - the cost would be $10 (plus tax) independent on if I exited @ 8am, 9am, or 12pm...

Based on my understanding of how the garages charges - I selected an exit time at the same time my flight was scheduled to arrive (6pm.) In this case, my flight was 3 hours late getting in.... and as such I arrived at the garage at 9pm, 3 hours past my 'reservation time.' I was thus charged an extra day at full price.

In summary - when making your reservation - use the same time as the check-in time, for your checkout time to make sure you truly get what you pay for.

For example -- If you are planning to park Monday 9am thru Friday at 5pm -- instead of using Friday @ 5pm as your check out time, use Saturday @ 8am. Your costs will be the exact same... and you'll be protected should your flight get in late.
Jonathan Z. - Los Angeles, CA
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Indoor Self


Started great. Easily parked my car and walked upstairs to a waiting shuttle that took me straight to my terminal. It was the return home that was disappointing. I called for a shuttle, and one arrived, but drove straight past me as I was waving for it (and I was standing in the correct red zone area). More than 30 minutes and two phone calls later, another shuttle finally arrived.

Once I got back to the facilities, I was then charged 15 dollars more than my quoted rate and given no explanation of why. Based on the latter part of this experience, I will most likely not be using or recommending this company again.
Joshua P. - Los Angeles, CA
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Indoor Self


This parking structure was very hard to find and it took me 3 times circling around the block to locate it. It is right next to another structure that had good and visible signage so it was hard to know that this structure is not part of the other. It did not help that it was next to a hotel. The other problem is that this structure was adverstised as self parking. This is very very misleading. They had cars stacked in front and behind cars so one had to leave their keys. The reason I chose this lot is because it is supposed to be self parking and I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE MY KEYS!!!! By then I had already prepaid a good portion of the parking fees, I was running late so I was stuck in this parking structure. Finally, after you get to the elevator then the sign says that you should bring your ticket since you should pay for parking before you go back to your car. So that meant another trip back to the car to get the ticket. You run the risk of loosing a ticket after a few days out of town. I will never park here again nor will I recommend this parking to anyone I know!!
Bernie - San Diego, CA
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Indoor Valet


Last time I used it I was really happy with all the services from drop off to pick up but this time I waited over 30 minutes at the airport for the shuttle to pick me up, watching other company shuttles stop several times. I called them several times for the shuttle status and was told it's picking me up soon which didn't happen each time. I even saw one pass through to loop around and didn't pick me up, and was told it was full. I ended up being 30 minutes late to work, not cool when you have responsiblities to attend to and reflected poorly on me.
Shauna D. - Burbank, CA
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Indoor Valet


I was impressed with every aspect of this experience. The rates are reasonable, the pick up was quick and my car was waiting for me when I arrived back at the parking structure......

I will definitely use tham again.
Sherron D. - Beverly Hills, CA
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Indoor Self


Great place to park! Easy, friendly shuttle service. Good price. We have used Park Air Express many times and will continue to use it again.
Gayle C. - Carpinteria, CA
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Indoor Self


Didn't have to wait more than 5min for the shuttle to and from the airport. Finding a parking spot was not hard but more signs may have helped. Cashier was very attentive and helpful and also was the shuttle driver. I would park here again.
Chris - Los Angeles, CA
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Indoor Valet


First time. I usually use Marriott, Westin or Hilton but they were sold out for Memorial Weekend. I was worried about the scarcity of shuttles, but that wasn't an issue at all. Also saw that they had a frequent user program.
Janet - Los Angeles, CA
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Indoor Self


Location is great! We arrived and I was a little confused. The attendant told me to pull up but didn't really direct me into a spot, just kind of pointed then didn't say anything about leaving my keys, so I was a little worried someone might park behind me and not leave their keys. He seemed like he was not happy to be at work.

When we landed the shuttle was only a few terminals away so that worked out great. We probably waited less than 5 minutes. They pro-rated my total since we were an hour earlier than we thought. Wait time Monday evening to pay the cashier was a little long. I was able to get my car out no problem. The only reason for not giving them a higher score was the customer service on the first day.
Vanessa M. - Newport Beach, CA
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Indoor Valet


Everything was very good, except the wait for the shuttle pick up upon return. It took more than 20 minutes and it marred the other experiences.
Jorge D. - Lakewood, CA
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Indoor Self


Terrible customer service and wait time.
Nicolette M. - West Hollywood, CA
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Indoor Self


Was in a huge hurry so when got down to the Park Air Express level, I saw attendant and told him was late and asked where to park. He immediately pointed to a spot and by the time I parked, he was as my door with the parking stub and wrote the spot number and what floor was on. I apologized for talking so hurried and he pointed where the elevator was. Very nice man! Just booked at same place for upcoming trip and highly recommend.
luvtoski - Santa Monica, CA
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