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Self Parking

Joseph R. - Mims, CA

I picked up my baggage at carousel 28 on the B side of Orlando Intl and was sent to the opposite end of the ground transportation level for pickup at parking space B3. I got on the bus and then the driver stopped at B38 right in front of where I was to pick up someone else. Why wouldn't the dispatcher be familiar enough with the airport to tell me to just step outside to B38 instead of sending me to the opposite end with all my heavy luggage? Other than that, every thing was fine.


Valet Parking

Michael R. - Winter Haven, FL

This parking system that the Marriott is hands down the best I have seen. It makes traveling out of Orlando for business so simple and easy. I would highly recommend it for your next trip of any kind.


Self Parking

Sharon Y. - High Springs, FL

Nice job! Short wait for shuttle at the airport.


Self Parking

James D. - Oviedo, FL

Great the Marriott Orlando Airport In and Out and shuttle Good and timely and their team is GREAT!


Valet Parking

Celeste - Florida

Waiting for the shuttle to get me after my flight home took way to long. It took me 20 minutes just it reach someone at the hotel to come get me.
Car was ready when I got to the hotel which was nice.


Valet Parking

Leonard D. - Sebastian, FL

I would absolutely use the prepaid Orlando Mariott valet Park and Fly service again. Easy access, courteous & fast service. Reasonable and secure. Pickup at the airport was an equally pleasant experience, no problems what-so-ever. Called for pickup, was told where the shuttle would be and we were on our way within 10 minutes. Our car was delivered to us quickly and all was well....HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!


Self Parking

Consuelo S. - Orange City, Florida

Have used this facility many times. Will always use it. I did try someone new, but will always use Marriott again. Easy in and out. Staff is very friendly and helpful.


Self Parking

Eric F. - Orlando, FL

Close, convenient, hassle free. For about 1/4 the price!


Self Parking

Thomas P. - Orlando, FL

Very happy with this service - parked close to hotel entrance. It is a nice paved lot. Plus friendly folks.


Valet Parking

Mary-Ann D.

When I dropped my car off on 10/30/13 I was greeted quickly and courteously by the attendant. I had previously used the self park but had not used the valet service here so was unsure of what I needed to do, he quickly helped me out. My luggage was removed from the car and placed near the van pickup area while my reciept was processed and handed to me along with instructions for my return and vehicle pick up.

Now for the return!! Wow, I arrived at MCO after mid-night on 11/04/13, I called for van service, which took about 10-12 minutes, (I had just missed one). I was picked up and promptly delivered to the hotel, and there was my car, pulled up out front, driver's door and trunk open!!! Wow, this was awesome for me as it was now long after 01:00 AM and I was traveling with a bad case of Bronchitis. My luggage was quickly placed in my car and I was on my way in less than a minute.

Service?? I could not have asked for better!!
Use again?? You bet!!


Self Parking

Robert B. - St Augustine, FL

other than Orlando area being super expensive compared to Jacksonville it worked well. When we travel to Calif we usually stay for 2 months and cannot find long term pricing.

Something for you to consider.


Self Parking

William E C. - Dunnellon, FL

great price. excellent service.


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