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Indoor Valet Parking

Daniel J. - COVINA, CA

I normally use Hilton LAX for long term parking and this was my first time using Marriott. The only challenge I had was finding the entrance for the very first time becase the building is hard to see from the street and if its a busy day, you cant slow down to search so I missed it twice and circled the block twice. Asisde from that, it was great.
Many thanks...


Indoor Valet Parking

Joseph C. - Torrance, CA

Always I am impressed and satisfied with CAP service.


Outdoor Self Parking

Thomas T. - San Juan Capistrano, CA

Overall they do a good job. But the last two times I parked here, my car showed obvious signs of being parked outdoor when I paid for indoor parking.

I will try one more time and for me it's three strikes and I'll find another place to park when traveling through LAX.


Outdoor Self Parking

Amy P. - Lynnwood, WA

The parking is spacious and easy. The driver of the shuttle provided a good service.


Indoor Valet Parking

Susan D. - Laguna Niguel, CA

Very, very disapointed in the wait time for the shuttle from the airport back to the hotel. I had to wait for 45 minutes, way to long in my estimation. During this time, I counted two to three shuttles arriving and departing for other hotels, but none for Marriot! Wow!! Will think twice before booking again.


Indoor Valet Parking

Wendy F. - Glendale, CA

After terrible experience with the Hilton, it was a joy to get back to decent service. Car was waiting when I arrived. I used the text messaging service to let them know when I was waiting at the curb.


Outdoor Self Parking

Kristin S. - Westlake Village, CA

There was confusion about how to pay. At first the ticket read a huge price which was not the deal we made. It should be made clear that you pay the valet and they give you a ticket to get out.


Indoor Valet Parking

Roberto V. - La Palma, CA

I have parked in this facility about 4 times in the last year. No problems in the previous parking times.

For the first time there have been problems:
1) On entry: Marriott placed a screening person near the entry portal (so the cars were backed up all the way out to Avion St.) We missed two shuttles from hotel to LAX because of this screening Marriott delay. Wait for the next shuttle was 35 min (so we missed our flight). We were in the car line by 8:25 AM. Valet entry at 8:50 AM. Very busy, ONLY 2 persons to take care of cars/keys. Shuttle pickup 9:25AM

2) On car pick up: car was very hot. I had reserved for INDOOR valet parking. Car felt like this was parked OUTDOOR.

This is the first time this has happened. In the previous times I parked, the car was cool.


Outdoor Self Parking

Samuel K. - Northridge, CA

I was very surprised that the waiting time was about 10 minutes.
I highly recommend Marriott LAX Parking facility.
Will definitely use it again.


Outdoor Self Parking

James L. - Palm Springs

Easy affordable no stress parking.


Outdoor Self Parking

Cynthia T. - Lake Elsinore, CA

Everything was great except check-in and check-out. When you're tired of traveling know one wants to wait in a line. Especially on a cold, late night. Would be nice to pull into lot, leave my vehicle, travel, return to car and drive off the lot. Waiting to pay was awful! I tried to pre-pay, but that is not possible.


Outdoor Self Parking

Raul V. - Ontario, CA

Parking lot is easy to find. There was no attendant but proceeded to park and walked to front of hotel and jumped in the shuttle. When I came back I presented my printed reservation and paid. I went to the car, got all my things inside and left. It was quick in and out. Shuttle wait time was 10 mins and another 10 mins when I came back. The driver is very polite and helps you with your luggage. Do tip the driver, he's on top of his shuttle and service is excellent.


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