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Indoor Valet Parking

Elizabeth G. - Erie, CO

I've parked here many times before and it is my primary choice each time I need to go to LAX. Easy, quick, pleasant. This last time, the shuttle driver even made the extra effort to make sure I made his shuttle instead of waiting for the next one.


Indoor Valet Parking

Matthew L. - Lake Elizabeth, CA

Great job, it took a while to get the shuttle, but it always does at LAX.


Indoor Valet Parking

Larry C. - Diamond Bar, CA

I have been using services about eight times since last year and continue to do so in the future. Appreciate the quick responses from your representatives when I have questions. Just love it.

Keep up the excellent work.


Indoor Valet Parking

Kelly R. - Fullerton, CA

Awesome parking experience. Easy and fast. It was perfect. Oh, Starbucks Coffee inside the lobby!


Indoor Valet Parking

Robert E. - Oak Park, CA

Keep this place to our selves. We do not everyone to park


Outdoor Self Parking

Teresa F. - Sylmar, CA

Excellent! Caught both shuttles immediately, one was ready when I parked the car and one was just arriving when I stepped outside at LAX. The driver was courteous and friendly. I have parked at other facilities before that have huge parking structures and the walk from the car to the elevator to the shuttle pickup area is inconvenient, to say the least, especially when you have to lug your luggage! The Marriott outdoor parking was on the same floor (ground) as the shuttle pickup and the short walk was a breeze. We did get what appeared to be the very last open spot so I do wonder if they overbook or if that spot was reserved/saved just for us?! Not sure, but either way, it worked out really well and i just made another reservation with them for my holiday trip!


Indoor Valet Parking

Anne H. - Seal Beach, CA

I've never parked anywhere else through this site, and I'm not sure I ever will! The shuttle times are what you'd expect from any reasonable lot, and you can wait for it in the hotel lobby instead of a garage which is nice. I've always found the staff to be courteous, and it never has taken more than a few minutes to get my car- especially since they started letting you text from the shuttle. I park here whenever I can't get a good price online at the Park 'n Fly, or if I'm not flying out of Terminal 1 (pnf's shuttle service sucks, so I don't recommend them unless you are flying out of terminal 1) Looking forward to my Christmas parking reservation here.


Outdoor Self Parking

Elizabeth S. - Long Beach, CA

I used this hotel's parking as my first hotel parking venture at LAX. I used Lots C & B for the longest time, then switched to 105 Parking and Park n Fly @ Park One.

I chose to use a nearby hotel's parking because I loved the convenience of Park One but hated the price and they were only really awesome if I were flying Southwest... which I try to avoid in the first place.

The Marriot had the best prices and the reviews were decent. Getting to the airport was a breeze. I found parking quickly and was immediately placed on the shuttle.

However, when I returned I called the shuttle number as instructed and was brushed off with a "the shuttle is making it's rounds and should be there shortly". Okay, no problem.

Minute after minute passed. Shuttle after shuttle passed. I saw repeat shuttles from many of the bigger parking facilities, but no Marriot shuttle. Finally, after 33 minutes of waiting a shuttle finally came... and it was nearly empty which means the airport wasn't sooo busy that they just couldn't get to my terminal.

I noticed, during my wait, that the Hilton LAX shuttle had passed me many times and since it is next door to the Marriot I vowed to use Hilton the next time... and I haven't looked back since.


Indoor Valet Parking

KH - Van Nuys, CA

Fabulous! Great place to park - valet service was fast and super easy to use. Couldn't have been easier!


Indoor Valet Parking

Roselle R. - Irvine, CA

Very accessible to terminals. Starbucks in the hotel, if you need it while waiting for the shuttle. Forget Super Shuttle, taxis, or asking favors from friends to drive you to the airport -- Indoor Valet at the Marriott is ABSOLUTELY the way to go. The price here can't be beat!


Indoor Valet Parking

Daniel W. - San Diego, CA

Everything was great except for the most important thing for me. I specifically reserved Indoor Valet parking because I wanted my car parked indoors. When I picked up the car, it was filthy and covered in leaves and dead flowers that fell off whatever tree it was parked under. Obviously it wasn't indoor parking.


Indoor Valet Parking

Todd A. - Saugus, CA

Could not believe the price, very easy drop off. Little bit of a wait at the airport to be picked up. Liked the texting to have car waiting.


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