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Outdoor Self Parking

Ramon Z. - Thousand Oaks, CA

I've park at Marriott Burbank for many years and found the place convenient with good service on their shuttle and friendly drivers.


Outdoor Self Parking

Dixie S. - Westlake Village, CA

I use this facility often. It works for me. Service is prompt and friendly. Too bad you don't offer promotions or credits to frequent users.


Outdoor Self Parking

Paul K. - Encino, CA

Good price and very convenient.


Outdoor Self Parking

Mo - Newbury Park

I've parked here for years....even when it was the Hilton. Actually have rarely parked elsewhere when flying out of Burbank. Once when I arrived with a prepaid reservation the lot was full. I sort of panicked and then thought, well the valet has to help me with this snafu, so I went to the Marriott valet, showed him my prepaid confirmation and he took the car and it was there for me a week later when I returned. No hassle. There may be cheaper lots, but I'll always use this one


Outdoor Self Parking

Rhory L. - Los Angeles

The best parking lot and service ever... and safe. I use it all the time.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Abbye B. - Tujunga, CA

Excellent - the only suggestion - we used valet parking and needed better directions on how to pull into the front entrance of the Marriott hotel - but this was not a major problem.


Outdoor Self Parking

NO Name - Santa Clarita, CA

This was not my first time using the Marriott lot for parking, only this time I used valet service. What a rip off! When I returned from my trip tired and would have like to have service I did not receive it. Upon returning to pick up my car at the entrance to the hotel the young man took my info and returned with my car. He did me a favor by opening my trunk but did not even try to help put my luggage in. After lifting my heavy luggage myself he handed me my keys with his hand out expecting a tip! I normally would nave tipped him but all he did was deliver my car - where is the extra mile?


Outdoor Self Parking

Adam N. - Encino, CA

Shuttle driver was great. Chased us into the hotel to give us a backpack which we accidentally left on the bus at the end of a log day of traveling.

Very convenient and relatively inexpensive.

However, I wound up parking next to some sprinklers, and when I picked up my car at the end of a weeks vacation it had hard water spots on the hood, windshield and drivers side that will require a professional detailer to remove (I tried).

It would be nice to to have some splash guards around the sprinklers, or something to keep the spray off the cars.


Outdoor Self Parking

Don D. - Surprise, Az

Very convenient parking lot as shuttle runs regularly.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Hans B. - Ventura, CA

Service was prompt and courteous. Definitely a facility I will use again when flying out of Burbank and one I will unhesitatingly recommend to others.


Outdoor Self Parking

David P. - Ventura, CA

Overall a good parking experience. The wait time back to the hotel was a little long, so I walked, which was not too bad, and would be easier then the shuttle if only a carry on bag, not the ski bag and large duffel that I had.

The only real complaint are the Chinese elms over the parking lot, they leave your car a huge mess from the sticky sap.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Louise E M. - Quartz Hill, CA

You guys are great. No hastle with the valet parking which I do. It is great to leave car and have it ready in seconds after you return from trip. Thank you.


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