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Outdoor Self Parking

David K.

While I have used this service before, I have also experienced the same problem as I did last week -- rain, mixed with tree leaves and resin, covered my car and forced an immediate car wash just to be able to see out the windows!

Don't know how this problem can be fixed, but I will avoid all trees and pray it doesn't rain!


Outdoor Self Parking

Barbie - Self-Employed

Everything was easy and amazing, the one flaw, was the second shuttle driver who brought us to parking, after landing at the Burbank Airport. No hello, saw struggling trying to place my carry on bag inside shuttle, and just starred at me from his seat, with a hurry up and don't expect me to get up and help ma'am! attitude.

I was amazed but understand he asks himself why should he help right? At the end, he finally got up (hesitant), nut he did. Still… no word. The guy mumbled the you're welcome after I thanked him. Skinny petite guy, anti-personable.

Otherwise, I will continue using you guys! I couldn't print my confirmation, and attendant was able to get all pertaining info from my iphone :))


Outdoor Valet Parking

Barbara K. - Antelope Valley

Shuttle drivers were extremely courteous both going to the airport and the return. The rest of the staff were polite as well, however, I did not appreciate the way the Valet driver drove my van on our return. He was driving way to fast and careless when he pulled into the area where we were waiting. I will do self parking the next time I use Marriott Burbank Airport.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Business Traveler

Easy park access and you can even walk to the airport.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Richard Schenkman

Basically a flawless experience. The only hiccup was that I waited about fifteen minutes for the shuttle to appear upon my return, rather than the promised ten, but that really isn't bad at all.


Outdoor Valet Parking

Bill Greninger - Los Angeles

Everything went well except for exiting the front of the Marriott Hotel. There were no directions given to get us back on Hollywood Way going south.

We first turned to the right after leaving the Hotel entrance and encountered a blocked entry (down admittance arm). We turned around, went to Hollywood Way(HW)and could only turn right (north). The next block on HW had a no U Turn sign, so we went right, maneuvered a U Turn and headed back to HW to make a left turn.

All this should have been explained to us, or alternate directions given to avoid the bit of frustration and inconvenience we had.

Otherwise, the staff did a fine job.


Outdoor Self Parking

Christopher Barbato

I did not use the shuttle, it's a short walk to the terminal, I will park at this location again.


Outdoor Self Parking


Take this shuttle often! Sometimes on my Monday morning return at 7:15 am, I've had to wait longer than I should have. The Friday afternoon wait for the shuttle at 5:15 is normal, a few minutes, but the Monday morning is too long.


Outdoor Self Parking

Grace B.

Glad I discovered this - pricing and availability of parking spots were excellent!


Outdoor Self Parking

New Business Traveler - Simi Valley

First time using this and it was extremely easy and convenient. Simple to reserve parking, the shuttle service was quick even very early in the morning. I will be a regular.


Outdoor Self Parking

Deborah L. A.

Easy in and easy out. Very pleased. Driver and gate attendant were both friendly and helpful. We would use this service again.


Outdoor Self Parking

Linda D. - L.D.

Great parking location across the street from the airport. Also great price and friendly service. Highly recommended!


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