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The overall experience was painless. The check-in was quick and easy. The shuttle to the airport was without incident. On the return we made the phone call and the shuttle was there by the time we arrived at the pickup location. When we arrived at the parking location the car was waitng in front of the office for easy loading of our luggage and easy access to freeway. The only small problem that we had was that they did not have enough change to allow us to pay the $70.00 parking charge with a $100.00 bill. Had to pay by credit card. Overall a very uneventful experience. Just what you need when leaving for or returning from a long trip.


Outdoor Valet

Kevin L. - Pasadena, CA

I will park with Park Place every time. The price is great and the quick shuttles mean I get to my flight quickly every time.


Indoor Valet

Cheng - LA

You just drop car at the entrance, they'll park for you. The same, when you're back, your car's already parked in front of reception. It means you don't have to drag your luggage a long way to take the shuttle, but need to submit your key.

Their 9-seat van might disappoint you a little bit, but the driver is helpful to take care of every luggage. The shuttle is not as frequent as other fancy companies either.

Overall, no complaint at this budget.


Indoor Valet

Maryam R. - Los Angeles, CA

I am not sure that my car was parked indoor as it supposed to. It was very dusty.


Outdoor Valet

NekoStar - Huntington Beach, CA

This place looks a little shady at first glance. However besides the appearance, I had an overall good experience. Check-In/Out was quick and easy. I had the same shuttle driver on both trips he was super nice, chatty and polite. I called the facility right as we were deplaning, and he arrived very shortly after I got to the designated pick up area (I had no checked luggage). One little note I do have is that since it is outdoor parking, my car did come back quite dirty (bird poop!) but I expected that. I will definitely be using them again!


Outdoor Valet


A little disappointed in the pick-up delay. Clearly stated Tom Bradly Terminal as pickup point. You went to drop off point of 2 weeks earlier, that's my only beef. The 1/2 hour delay. Otherwise service fine personnel fine. Will consider you in future.


Outdoor Valet


If you're flying out of LAX, don't park your car with The Park Place at LAX. These guys are the definition of bad customer service and completely unprofessional.

I got back to LAX last night at around 8pm, I'd been traveling for 2 days and was exhausted (I'd been gone for 9 days). I can't find my slip for the car, but no biggie (at least it wouldn't have been a biggie anywhere else on the planet), I've got my original reservation email with the info, so I call for pickup - tell them I don't have my slip - and they simply look me up by name and send the shuttle after me. No biggie.

Then the shuttle gets there. The shuttle driver asks me for my slip, I tell him I don't have it, I don't know where it is - I had already talked to the office, they had looked me up by name and sent him to pick me up. AT THIS POINT ANY OTHER SHUTTLE DRIVER ON THE PLANET WOULD HAVE EITHER CALLED THE DISPATCHER AND CONFIRMED THIS OR SIMPLY TAKEN ME TO THE OFFICE... Not this guy, he looks straight at me and says: "I need your slip or I can't let you on the shuttle." At which point I repeat what I had just told him, he says again ...

"I need your confirmation number, it's on your slip" - I'm now getting irritated and again, I repeat: "I don't have my slip and I just talked to the office, they looked me up by name and sent you to get me." I offer to pull up the reservation confirmation on my phone. I do that, and start to read him the number and he says that isn't their confirmation number (I had booked through this website), and he then ASKS ME FOR MY SLIP AGAIN... (like repeating it will magically make the slip I can't find appear)

This guy speaks fluent English - it's not a language barrier, he's just programmed. Now I'm getting furious. This is ridiculous. We are now yelling at each other in front of terminal 6 - great for their company image don't ya think? And we're having the SAME CONVERSATION over, and over and over again. This continues on for at least the next 5 minutes:

Driver: "I need your slip or I can't let you on the shuttle."
Me: "I don't have it, I don't know where it is. I already talked to your office, they looked me up and the computer and sent YOU to pick me up."
Driver: "But, I need the confirmation number it's on your slip. If you don't have a slip, your car might be at a different place - I can't check the confirmation number"
Me: "I don't have it, I don't know where it is. I already talked to your office, they looked me up and the computer and sent YOU to pick me up."

He FINALLY tells me to just get in, and takes me to the office.

So we get to the office, I go into pay, and after paying and getting my keys, I give the guy at the counter a piece of my mind about the shuttle driver - AT WHICH TIME WE PROCEED TO HAVE BASICALLY THE SAME CONVERSATION:

guy at counter: "But he's supposed to get the confirmation number off your slip"
Me: "I had already told your office that I didn't have it, I didn't know where it was, and you had looked me up on the computer and sent him to pick me up.
guy at counter: "But he doesn't know that. He's supposed to get the confirmation number off your slip"

This continues in the same circular fashion as the driver conversation, until I throw in: "So, if I don't have a slip what did I need to do, get the County Sheriff to get my car?"

Oh - and to top it off: They didn't even check my ID since I didn't have my slip. They just took payment and handed me the keys. Really secure parking - not.

Until this happened - I would have recommended these guys. The shuttle was prompt both ways and the price was great - BUT - I DON'T NEED THIS KIND OF CRAP WHEN I RETURN FROM A TRIP AND JUST WANT TO GET HOME. I'll pay a few more bucks next time and go with a company that's professional and courteous to their customers.


Indoor Valet


My flight was delayed, so I picked my car up a couple hours late. I thought they would charge me for the extra time, but to my surprise they did not.


Outdoor Valet

Erich M. - Redlands, CA

I liked it the second time even better!


Indoor Valet

Christine L. - Los Angeles, CA

This place definitely does the job, no complaints - especially for the price. I think the staff does a good job of trying to be as efficient as possible. I have had to wait a little while for the shuttle pick-up on occasion, but given the distance to LAX and what traffic can be, it's somewhat understandable. Safe, good value, courteous staff.


Indoor Valet

Recent LAX Traveler - Long Beach, CA

A bit far from airport. Wait time at airport a bit long. When raining expected to leave luggage outdoors at the facility while waiting for shuttle to the airport.


Indoor Valet

Susan L. - Bakersfield, CA

Will not return!!! Will not recommend!!! So far my worst experience ever!!! Obvious they don't want my return business!!!


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