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Outdoor Self

Stephanie J.

Very efficient, I like that they bring my car to the front when i return, price is great.


Outdoor Self

Monica D. - West LA

Everyone was friendly, but when I got there at 5am for my flight at 6:30 they couldn't find the keys for the shuttle, so I had to wait outside in the dark/cold for 35 minutes. Then the driver stopped for gas on the way to the airport. When I got back to LA I waited on the curb for 25 minutes, was informed that the driver had missed the terminal and was circling. When I got inside we picked up someone at terminal 5, then the driver got a call that we had to loop again to pick up more people. From curb to car took about an hour and 15 minutes. Super cheap, but not worth it, would not park here again.


Outdoor Self

skp - la palma, ca

Really friendly people. The pick up time is over 20 min. If you can wait, then they are pretty cool. This was my second time.


Outdoor Self

Emily G.

I prepaid online I arrived at 5:30 p.m. on a Thursday. I checked in at the office which was quick and easy, and the van took myself and one other person right to the airport. It's only about 10 minutes away from LAX and they have nice vans. The driver played music and chatted with us.

My flight arrived at 8 a.m. on Monday morning. I called upon arriving and the shuttle was there in 18 minutes. No other pickups, so we left LAX right away. When we arrived at the lot, my car had been pulled up in the line of cars ready for pickup.

Literally I could not be more pleased. I already made a reservation for the next time I need parking for LAX, and can't wait. Without hesitation, I recommend that you give them a try.


Outdoor Self

Skyler L. - L.A.

- Friendly staff and driver.
- Perfect service.
- Very good price.
=> I will use this parking lot again.


Outdoor Self

SKP - Whittier

Check in was ok, friendly check in girl. But the lot was packed so the valet parked it. The driver to take me to the airport was already there so that was smooth. The lot isn't very close to the airport like the others. But pick up was really bad. I called to be picked up at 9:39am didn't get my car until 10:44am. The shuttle took almost a half hour to pick me up and then they brought the wrong car up to me and then took awhile to find my car. I'm sure I just got unlucky.


Outdoor Self

Amanda T.

I was incredibly surprised to see how packed this parking lot was when I arrived (very early) on the Friday morning before Easter. The check-in process was fast and easy, as was the shuttle drive. They do not have business cards with their number on them for pickup, which was disappointing. When I called for pickup, the call forwarded to another phone which went to voice mail (the recording rattled off a number that was not what I called), and I had to call 3 times before they picked up. There was a large group that got picked up at a terminal before me so they were a little slow, but that was understandable.

Checkout was easy and they had my car lined up up front waiting. Things I did not like and why I will NOT be parking here again: I had to leave my key because they were so crowded, and when I got back, the cars in the line where mine was all had the keys sitting in the front seat. I don't like either of those ideas much.


Outdoor Self

Carefree Romantic Vacations - Redlands

At little farther away from airport than others, but VERY friendly people! Mann greeted me and walked me to the best spot to park my van. There were NO additional charges for my larger vehicle that most other lots charge.


Outdoor Self

Shane S. - Ridgecrest, CA

Nice place. Safe parking. Waited a little while on the pick-up, but overall very nice people and well run parking lot. Thank you for having me!


Outdoor Self

Anon - Garden Grove, CA

Extremely helpful and kind. Easy to locate. Facility is outdoor. They do not cramp cars back to back. You do not need to give them your keys.

They go beyond just a place to park your car. They handed each of us a bottle of water as we boarded the shuttle. Personally, I had lost an item on the shuttle and they QUICKLY delivered it to my carrier's desk, who then passed it on to, before my flight left!

Would definitely recommend their services.


Outdoor Self

Sylvia M. - Fontana, CA

Our overall experience was great. Dropoff was on time and pickup was good too. I really recommend this location to all. And the price was not bad at all.


Outdoor Self

Lynette M.

The location was easy to find. Just be sure to look for the orange gates. It is truly a Mega lot. The attendant took me to the airport immediately. It looked safe and secure. I would definitely use them again.


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