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Indoor Valet Parking

Greg U. - Agoura Hills, CA

We have parked there in the past when it was Quikpark. This time the when we got back I went inside to pay. The girl behind the counter was not very friendly. She was talking to another employee and I felt that I was interrupting. I gave her my ticket. She then gave me a much higher price than I my reservation. I told her that I was giving a different price. She told me I should have told her that. Then I gave her cash and had to ask for a receipt.
Not sure I will use your company again. There are a lot of other companies.


Indoor Self Parking

Lincoln C. - Santa Monica, CA

We had to walk our luggage down from the 6th floor because the elevator was not working.


Indoor Self Parking

Mary Ann E. - Orange, CA

Worked out very well for me.


Indoor Self Parking

Frank M. - Rialto, CA

Shuttle experience coming back was worst experience. Driver never acknowledged us, never offered to help with bags. When asked about check out process he said I don't know, you'll figure it out.


Indoor Valet Parking

Oliver K. - Pasadena, CA

Excellent service all-round. Fast pick-up from the airport with a distinctive, easy-to-spot van. Car was waiting for us when we got to the parking location (valet). The only aspect that was less than perfect was the car wash service, which missed a few spots, though since this service is provided by an external vendor I can't fault them for it.


Indoor Self Parking

Edward S. - Los Angeles, CA

Overall I was impressed with your parking service. However, there are three items which might be problems for new customers:

1) the elevator does not go all the way down to the first floor and carrying two pieces of checked luggage plus one carry on up one flight of stairs is asking a lot from paying customers;

2) street signage is difficult to read and if one passes the entrance to your parking facility, one has to enter into the airport in order to return to you place. This is time consuming.

3) other parking services pick up their customers inside the parking facility close to where they park their cars.


Indoor Valet Parking

David G. - Long Beach, CA

Your driver had a full bus by the time they arrived to terminal 5. I had to wait over 40 minutes for a shuttle. The driver was going to drive off but I ran and banged on the window to have him stop. He barked at me because he did not want to carry my bag onto the bus but rather have me carry them up the stairs and hand them to him on the bus. He was rude and uncooperative.


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