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Valet Parking

Sheila D. - Tampa, FL

Great job - primarily due to excellent employees we encountered.


Valet Parking

Roy L. - Sebring, FL

The BIG Red Coach sign made it easy to find your lot. The shuttle, however, does not carry the Red Coach logo, therefore you ave to look for the Parkway (?) Shuttle when returning from your flight.

I had a good experience.


Valet Parking

James P. - Summerfield, fl

Wait time from parking to airport and then airport to parking was over 1/2 hour each time. This is my biggest complaint. The rest of the experience was good.


Valet Parking

Susan A. - Edgewater, FL

I was a little concerned that on my return, the driver didn't have a receipt to give me since I paid the remainder of what I owed in cash. Hopefully that won't be an issue.

I had to wait at least 30 minutes for the shuttle after I called them to pick me up at MCO.

Other than that, no issues.


Valet Parking

Anonymous - Sarasota, FL

The young lady at the reception area was rude and unprofessional stating that she had nothing to do with the parking and I had to wait for the shuttle to return. She then returned to playing on the computer or whatever distraction she was engaged in.

Adam who drove the shuttle was awesome, very professional and a hard worker. He took excellent care of me. I had my car washed to remove the dead love bugs and it was the best car wash I have ever had. The lot was well lit and safe and only a few minutes from the airport. The wait for the shuttle upon returning was only a few minutes. It was great!

The only improvement that could be made would be to fire the receptionist and hire someone who actually likes people and who wants to work for a living.


Valet Parking

John L. - Lakeland, FL

Thank you, great service and quick!


Valet Parking

Iris B. - Land O Lakes, FL

Great place. Will definitely use them again!


Valet Parking

Steve S. - Davenpprt

Great value for money, took 40 mins to collect us after phone call, but overall really good.


Valet Parking

Ricardo H. - Lake City, FL

Excellent experience, very short wait times.


Valet Parking

Neu - New Smyrna Beach, FL

Affordable, quick, courteous drivers and personnel, would definitely park there again.


Valet Parking

Susan M C. - Largo, FL

This was the first time we had used Red Coach Parking. We were truly impressed. We used the valet services you offer. The staff took all the worry out of leaving our car for 2 weeks while we were on vacation. The person that parked us was very pleasent and resasurred us it was safe and had 24 hr. security. We only had to wait 5 mins for them to take us to the airport. Upon our arrival home I called and by the time we reached curb side with our luggage the shuttle was there waiting for us. We deffintly will use your services again.


Valet Parking

Andres H. - Tampa, FL

It was just perfect. Very fast pick up at the airport. They helped with the bags and valet our car. Our effort was minimal. We even paid for a car wash and it was really good.

Great price, great people, good service. I will use them again.


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