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Outdoor Self Parking

MAP - Madison, NJ

If you can not carry your own luggage up 2 flights of stairs, look elsewhere. This garage does not have an elevator.


Outdoor Self Parking

Robert R. - Port Matilda, PA

Difficult to get to Hilton from major road system... for the extra $$ I would probably park in long term parking at Newark airport.


Outdoor Self Parking

Millard W. - Ledgewood, NJ

We prepaid and unsure about how to proceed. No sign or instructions. We did get help quickly, but we had to go to the hotel reservation desk and sometimes when a shuttle comes in it can be crowded. We do like Hilton's facility.


Outdoor Self Parking

ALLYSON L. - Lake Hopatcong, NJ

The price was great and the parking was convenient. I will definitely park here again!


Outdoor Self Parking

Bart Z. - Savannah, GA

I have missed my flight because the shuttle was full! While I was loading my suitcases in the back the seats inside got taken and I had to unload them, then wait 20 minutes for the next shuttle and be late for my flight to London and wait 10 additional hours for the next flight.

The staff was nice, I wish they would told me to take a seat instead of helping with the luggage. I think that Airport Hilton needs bigger buses, the parking experience was great but it's more than frustrating when we have missed our flight, had to wait additional 10 hours at the airport and had a red eye, not mentioning missing a rehearsal party. Bigger shuttle buses! Very needed!


Outdoor Self Parking

G & J - Bergen County, NJ

I use EWR quite frequently and was a little apprehensive about the security of off-site parking, BUT NOT ANYMORE !! The parking accommodations were more than comparable to those within the airport. We were greeted by an attendant immediately as we drove into the Hilton driveway and directed to a secure parking lot. The Hilton Front Desk staff were very pleasant, as were the shuttle drivers. The return pick-up from EWR was just as nice and rapid (Shuttle every 20 minutes, literally). We highly recommend this facility!!


Outdoor Self Parking

Ajay K. - Parsippany, NJ

The sequence of events:

1. When we landed the open garage was full, so we were made to park on the top floor (open area) of covered garage.

2. The covered garage had NO elevator. So had to carry the luggage down by stairs 2 floors. It was painful.

3. The ride to airport was quick.

4. On return, we have to go to P4 of EWR via Sky Train. The shttle came in 10 mins, but I witnessed an arguement of other passengers in the shuttle complaining that they were waiting for more than 40 mins. Since they had lot of luggage, it could not be accomodated on that shuttle that created more misery for those other passengers.

5. On return at hotel, I was given Hotel room key with no instructions on how should I get out.

6. Of course, I climbed 2 floors with my luggage to get to my car.

7. When I arrived at gate, I inserted the card that I had during entry. I was told by machine to pay $125. I tried swiping the key given to at # 5 above. It did not work. I had no clue how to operate. Fortunately after 5 mins, one gentleman came and swiped me out from his master card. Thank God! I was out.

Overall, I would never go back to this parking ever again.


Outdoor Self Parking


The open garage that I supposed to park is full. So I went out and asked the front desk. The lady there told me to park in the garage building. It would be great if I knew I can park in the garage building at the beginning.


Outdoor Self Parking

Melodie S. - Kearny, NJ

The parking was fine. The shuttle rounds were frequent, so waiting time was minimal. The only problem was that there were a few leaks in the bus, so several seats were wet from the rain. I hope they get that fixed. Otherwise, it was a good experience.


Outdoor Self Parking

Mark N. - Langhorne, PA

I've used other off site facilities and found this to be much more efficient, clean, and the drivers friendy.... Will use again.


Outdoor Self Parking

Jack M. - Ringoes, NJ

There was no personnel attendent at the facility; however, the folks at the Hilton were knowledgable and able to assist, so the overall experience was fine. Will park here in the future...


Outdoor Self Parking

Nian W. - North Brunswick, NJ

Waited for more than 45 minutes for the Hilton Newark airport's shuttle.


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