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Covered Self Parking

Brittany H. - Los Angeles, CA

Worst airport parking I've ever used. I had to wait over 30 mins for a shuttle because the first shuttle went right by me without stopping. I ended up taking a taxi to the hotel from LAX. Awful.


Covered Self Parking

Ken M. - El Segundo, CA

Very easy to use. Was a little confused as to where to go, but signage was correct. Not good if you have a big or long vehicle. Turns are very tight. Felt very safe.


Covered Valet Parking


the best... highly recommended... got in and out quick... texted when we arrived and truck was waitting for us at the hotel... worth the cost...


Covered Valet Parking

Jennifer D. - Los Angeles, CA

The location and facility are fine. It is the service that is horrible. I thought I did great when I left for my vacation on early Friday morning. I pulled into the parking lot, the shuttle was there and they waited for me as I checked in and got onto the shuttle. Immediately got to the terminal with no problems.

I wished it was easier like this when I returned. I waited for 50 minutes for the shuttle to arrive after getting my luggage from baggage claim. I know, it was 50 minutes because I sent a text message to Hilton at 4:00pm while standing in the shuttle area so my car would be ready when I arrived. I watched Holiday Inn Express, Marriott, Westin, Wally- Express, The Parking Spot, etc., stop at the shuttle spot every 10 minutes, or sometimes even less than 10. I eventually called and spoke to the dispatcher who had the nerve to tell me that I missed the bus and it would be ther in the next 5 minutes. This after telling her that I had been waiting for now close to 40 minutes, so how could I missed the bus! ?! The bus showed up- 10 minutes later. I spoke to this gentleman on the bus who informed me that he stays at the Hilton every week for work and it is always like this. He only stays because this is where his company puts their employees and he complians every week. I guess it continuously gets worse. I gave Hilton a try- but will go back to their competitotor to park my car when I travel from LAX.


Covered Self Parking

Leah B. - Trabuco Canyon, CA

I had read other reviews about how Hilton's shuttle pickup at the hotel was fast, but I had no idea it was that fast! While we were waiting, a large group of travelers were ahead of us, so we had to wait for the second shuttle, but that shuttle had already arrived and was waiting for the first to depart. On the return trip, it took about 5-10 minutes to get the ride back to the hotel, but that was a very minimal wait. We are definitely using the Hilton LAX again.


Covered Valet Parking

WillRM - San Diego, CA

We've just used this the first time and were delighted. Valet promptly greeted us and helped unload luggage without "move it along, bub". Shuttle arrived shortly thereafter, made one more stop and we were off to the airport. Time there is function of how busy airport is, but driver navigated exceptionally well.

On return, we texted ticket number as prescribed on the reservation and on the claim check, walked to shuttle location (on the outer "loop" btw) and shuttle arrived within 10-15 minutes. We were first stop and indeed our car was waiting for us. Payment inside was simple (don't lose your claim check to keep in simple) and Valet again helped us load the car and we were off.

The car was only slight more dusty (and I do mean SLIGHTLY) upon return. Personally, I think the extra cost of the Valet option is well worth it for savings on time and aggravation and the fact that valet parking seems almost as good as my garage.


Covered Valet Parking

alex - Anaheim, CA

totally love it, an amazin experience, i will use it forever.


Covered Self Parking

Milly S - Orange, CA

Had such an awsome experience. Got to the hotel didnt know where to go, asked the Valet people where I to go if self parking, they gave me clear instructions & were very polite. Parked my car, then too the lift to Lobby, and there were two shuttles available for us to get on. When we came back to pick up the car, it was too us almost 10 minutes to look for our shuttle, but when we picked up the car, it was still in excellent condition. Very fast process & had no worries while on holiday. Will park here all the time if I ever need to go overseas or within the country. Excellent service at this park & fly spot.


Covered Self Parking

Lynn S. - Venice, CA

Need better signage on Century, passed it three times before I knew where to turn. Killed 10 minutes. But now I know in the future....

Card reader for my CC did not work and no one answered call button. pulled a ticket and on return an attendant was extremely helpful in working out the issue.

I will definitely use the facility in the future.


Covered Self Parking

Brad L. - West Hills CA, CA

The experience was great except that it was a long wait to be picked up from the airport, especially for someone who was in a wheelchair.


Covered Valet Parking

Leon S. - Moreno Valley, CA

Excellent Service, friendly people and was quick to & from the airport terminal. We normally try to avoid LAX, but the ease of this parking and getting to the terminal, has changed our mind. Will definitely use again.


Covered Valet Parking

Kevin R. - Rosamond, CA

Don't misplace your receipt!! Even though I did, they scrounged through the multiple hundreds of car keys to eventually find mine! What a pain due to my screw up. They were all very nice, cordial and professional. Had to wait a considerable time for a van to eventually find me. Other than that, I'm making my second reservations with them now.


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