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Covered Self Parking


The wait time for the shuttle from the airport to the parking facility was a little long.


Covered Self Parking

Lee W. - El Paso, TX

My criticism of the shuttle wait time may be the product of my impatience, i.e. the desire to get on the road. Nevertheless, it was enough to still stick in my mind.


Covered Valet Parking


The waitting times from airport to hotel usually take 20 minis.


Covered Valet Parking

Arthur F Blinci

Very good service overall. Wait times for the blue shuttles have wide discrepancy especially at LAX. Wish you could depend on set times throughout each hour.


Covered Valet Parking

Antonio M. - Bakersfield

Staff was excellent! We arrived late afternoon from our Huston trip and asking staff how the traffic was on 405 North he checked and informed me it was slow and bumper to bumper due to the time. They returned my car to the parking garage for us, my wife and I had dinner at the Hilton and then returned where our car was waiting. Traffic was much lighter for a safer trip home. Great job and will recommend to other family and friends.


Covered Self Parking

Ed Wilson

While the Hilton hotel and garage is very clean, well lit and safe, the Shuttle Operator they contract with is extremely unpredictable. Yesterday, returning at LAX I waited 35 minutes for the shuttle bus. I'm canceling all my future reservations today.

The Airport Center shuttle came by 5 times while I was waiting for the Hilton LAX bus.


Covered Self Parking

CY - Los Angeles

20 minute wait for shuttle departing at 7am.

Watched 8 shuttles pass us at terminal 7 before finally stopping an hour and a half later...


Covered Valet Parking

Richard E.

One of the worst experiences ever. Shuttle was over an hour late arriving at terminal. They finally sent a separate bus just to pick up the 14 people who were waiting at our terminal. Will look elsewhere in the future for parking.


Covered Self Parking


Already reserved the second time. Safe and secure indoor parking, shuttle service wait time from LAX should be improved.


Covered Self Parking

Biplab Bhawal

Over the last few years I have been parking in this place. I liked its covered area and shuttlesservice was good.

However, recently I'm having very bad experiences. Last 3 times I had to wait more than 40 minutes for the shuttle from the hotel -- which built up tension among all waiting. The staff there always says "Oh! it's coming within 5 minutes!", but it never appears. Some had to leave hiring cabs.

From airport too -- the wait-time was close to one hour. On one occasion, many of us were waiting... after 30 mintes, the shuttle appeared -- full! We had to wait for next 30 minutes again.

I think they have cut the cost, running it with only one shuttle, and told the curb-side staff to tell repeatedly."Oh! it's coming! Coming!".


Covered Valet Parking

Tasha L A. - SB

It was a good service. I would use it again. I like that you can text for the driver to have your car ready when you arrive back on the shuttle from the airport. And, tip the driver if you can for sure, but, if you have no more cash because you just got back from a trip- no worries, they are still kind and courteous to you.


Covered Valet Parking


Excellent service! Timely shuttle pickup. Someone got the customer experience right here. We'll be back for future trips.


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