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Janet D. - Tarzana, CA

There was a pretty long wait time for pick up in the morning to get to the airport. I was surprised to learn that there was an extra charge for SUVs. My cross-over vehicle fits in to a compact parking spot but I was charged extra by this parking facility. Pick up from the airport was prompt but too many stops on the way back. My car was waiting for me upon return which was nice. This parking lot will not be my first choice in the future.


Outdoor Valet

Michael S. - Canyon Country, CA

This was my first time using Cheap Airport parking and I went with Fox. My experience on the whole was very good. The staff and drivers were courteous and what really impressed me was that they had my car waiting for me when I texted my ticket number to them. My only real complaint is that the shuttle was so crowded, both on my arrival and departure. My wife and I also waited a bit longer than I thought we should have for a shuttle to come by. Suggestion: Run a few more shuttles. Hey, you will help the employment situation in L.A. and have happy customer too. win-win.


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james - Lakewood, CA

Fox auto parks is an awesome facility. Great professional service. It gets crowded on the shuttle, but they did a great job getting us where we needed to go. I felt safe leaving my car there.


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John M. - Laguna Hills, CA

I have parked here about six times. My BIG complaint is that you can wait a while for the shuttle to come when you are dropping off your car. Allow 30 minutes. The good news is that they have your car ready to go when you return.


Outdoor Valet

Ronald M. - San Marcos, CA

The price was great and we were pleased with our overall experience. We will park here again.


Outdoor Valet

Anne R. - Los Angeles, CA

Very convenient and affordable. This turned out to be a great parking option for long-term travel from LAX.


Outdoor Valet

Adrian M. - Laguna Niguel, CA

Very good. Close to the airport and the 405 so easy in and easy out. I texted the facility when we arrived back at LAX and the shuttle arrived less than 5 minutes later.


Outdoor Valet

Rebecca H. - Moorpark, CA

Our return driver was very surly - didn't get out to help at all with luggage and was semi-impatient for riders to get their luggage loaded.

Location not as convenient as some closer to airport, but not out of the way. For the price, you couldn't beat it.

We texted the number they give you on the receipt when we picked up our luggage. Got a prompt response and our car was pulled out and waiting when we arrived at the parking lot.

First driver and inside personnel were excellent.


Outdoor Valet

Bethany E. - Goleta, CA

Second time parking at FOX, first time booking through this site. Maybe we just get lucky, but we've never waited for a shuttle to the airport (as in one is waiting once we've dropped off the car). I generally send the "please prep our car" text while the plane is taxiing to the gate and have never waited for that either. For pickup by shuttle we must've gotten lucky again because it showed up just after we picked up the checked baggage. Just make sure to stand under the purple "Rental Car Shuttle" signs outside the terminal and wave the shuttle down as it approaches. Will likely park here next time out of convenience and familiarity.


Outdoor Valet

Nasser - Wisconsin and California

I hate to give this place top star, because I want it to be my best kept secret.


Outdoor Valet

Stephanie S. - Glendale, CA

This was fine and worth the price, but the price I paid didn't match the original advertised price. This needs to be corrected.

MORE IMPORTANT: the wait time for pick up at the air port was at least twice the 8 minutes they claim it will be. The problem was they seemed to only be using one bus to pick up both the Fox Auto Park people AND the Payless Car Rental customers. The bus was jammed when we finally got on it.

What was nice, however, was the fact our car was waiting for us to drive out once we paid our balance.


Outdoor Valet

Stephane - Huntington Beach, CA

Outdoor parking was not my first choice but it was conviniently located. The pickup and dropoff shuttle was a bit of a wait (about 15 mins) from the terminal.


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