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Outdoor Valet

Mary H. - Tacoma, wa.

3rd time using this site and as usual perfect in every way.
see you next trip!


Outdoor Valet

Marilou D. - Bremerton, WA

Fast, courteous, friendy group. The Best!!


Outdoor Valet

Kristin H. - Seattle, WA

This was the 3rd time I've parked here, it's easy to get to, and a quick trip to the airport.


Outdoor Valet

Tamu J. - Lynnwood, WA

I have become a repeat customer of this location mostly because it is the cheapest in the area. I don't like that I need to leave my key, but I have not had any problems. This last time I returned to the airport I called for the shuttle. Not long after I saw one coming and began to walk towards it as it was loading and unloading. Although I indicated to the driver, after the last person got on he closed the door and no longer looked in the direction of passengers. I called the facility right after and placed my complaint. I then had to wait 20 min for the shuttle to return. The gentleman driving didn't even apologize or inquire. Just horrible.

As I have booked again with company I am hoping this time the shuttle will be better. All the other services are great. Check in is swift and my car is usually waiting.


Outdoor Valet

FZ - Everett, WA

This is the best place to park for Seatac airport. Don't go for anyone else. Once when I was almost late for my flight, the attendant drove my car straight to the departure, without having to wait for the shuttle. It was awesome.


Outdoor Valet

Lynn C. - Erie, CO

Love these guys. i park here every week and the service is outstanding. Lot is outside and not covered, but my car is valet parked and always ready for me when i arrive. Shuttle is always very quick to pick me up or take me to airport. Outstanding service. Will continue to always use them as my airport parking lot of choice. You cannot beat the price.


Outdoor Valet

Jeffrey T. - Mill Creek, WA

Awesome, best parking facility anywhere near SeaTac!!


Outdoor Valet

Margery D. - Seattle, WA

As always, Extra Car will be the place I park when flying out of SeaTac. Courteous shuttle drivers and staff and didn't even have to wait for pickup this time as a shuttle was already at the airport when I arrived. Well Done!


Outdoor Valet

Jesse L. - Pasco, WA

Great location. When I pulled up to the lot the attendent informed me that despite my reservation I would not be able to park my truck at their lot. He states that he realizes that cheapairportparking.org does not state this on it's website and further explains that their insurance does not allow them to park trucks in their lot. I glanced around the lot and pointed out at least 6 trucks parked right in front of me that were the size of my truck or larger (Suburban). He stated that whichever employee parked those trucks should not have. Suddenly I'm left with no parking solution and a plane that leaves shortly. As I'm sitting in the lot attempting to contact cheapairportparking the shuttle driver asks me if I've been helped yet. I explain to him the situation at which point he tells me to sit tight and he will discuss the situation to someone inside. After a few momemnts he returns to inform me that all is settled and I will just need to go inside to pay for my parking. When I get inside I'm informed that I will be required to pay an additional $2/day because my vehicle is "over-sized" which seems to be in conflict with their first stance, that "over-sized" vehicles are not able to park in their lot at all. As I make my way back to the shuttle I count at least a dozen more trucks in their lot.

I did email your company that same day and the reply I got was "we're just the broker". This excuse is invalid as the broker should make the customer aware of any restrictions impossed by the company so the customer can make an informed decision. If I knew that Extra Car Parking would not allow me to park my truck there I wouldn't have chosen this company. How else could I know this if not through your website during the booking process?

I cannot use your company again and cannot recommend it as I cannot trust that all the information I need to make a decision will be available on your site.


Outdoor Valet

Jim S. - Gig Harbor, WA

Most likely, this was the best parking experience we have had at Sea-Tac airport.


Outdoor Valet

Susan D. - North Bend, WA

Perfect SeaTac airport parking Service


Outdoor Valet

Diana H. - Tulalip, WA

Appreciate the prompt service. We were traveling with a baby, and both trips the drivers were very accommodating. Thank you!!


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