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Outdoor Valet


We have been parking here for years. We have always had a great experience.


Outdoor Valet

Van L. - Vancouver, BC

It was the third time we used Extra Car Parking and I've always been happy with services and prices.


Outdoor Valet

Sharon L L - Seattle

The shuttle was waiting for us in both directions, the drivers were friendly and helpful in loading and unloading our bags, and our car was ready to go when we arrived back home. Everything worked like a very well-oiled machine. This was a great experience in every way, thank you for your wonderful service.


Outdoor Valet

Brittany W. - GF, Washington

Best Prices!! But even more importantly, great-quick service! When we returned from our trip, our vehicle was sitting outside ready for us to go and we had the keys and were out in literally less than 2 minutes. Honorable people with great customer service! I will ALWAYS be using this company from now on!

God bless!!


Outdoor Valet

J. - Seattle

Great place to park.


Outdoor Valet

C.A. - Marysville, Wa

Close to sea-tac, seems very organized. They happen to drive up as I was getting ready to call for my return ride to the lot and the driver called the lot for me so my car was waiting and ready as soon as we got there. A+


Outdoor Valet

Sandra C. - Gig Harbor, WA

Always great service, competitive price. I'm a regualr and not one problem ever.


Outdoor Valet

Norman V. - Bothell

Again, I had no problems with this company.


Outdoor Valet

Jagdhish Sukasi - Bellevue, WA

Writing this review almost after a year, and I have parked here more than 20 times now. Extremely happy parking here, maximum wait time during these many visits is just around minutes. Will recommend this parking to everyone.


Outdoor Valet

John L.

It was pouring down rain when we arrived and would have appreciated a covered reception and departure area.


Outdoor Valet

Patricia J.

I have used this facility many times and haven't had any problems. You must have reservations most of the time.


Outdoor Valet

Richard S. - Camano Island, CA

I was impressed that the van driver called the office just after he headed for the airport to apologize that I had been left behind. He was full and there were no remaining seats.

I had already realized that was going to happen and thought that was especially courteous of him. Immediately another driver went out to a second van, did the "pre-flight" check and loaded me as well as others who had just arrived.

Everything just flows so smoothly with you folks.

Keep up the good work.


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