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Nhi D. - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

This was my first time driving myself to my airport so I was nervous about getting lost finding the lot, waiting too long for the shuttle or missing my flight so I left my house super early. The lot was easy to find. I arrived at 4:30AM and the personnel at the gate was sleeping. I woke him up and he told me to park anywhere and pay when I get back. The lot was pretty full but I got lucky and found a spot right in front of a shuttle pick up. Within five minutes the shuttle arrived. The ride to the airport was barely 6-7 minutes-- possibly because it was still so early. I think the driver's name was Jerry, was really helpful and professional. He gave me a card with a phone number on it and told me to text him when I get back. That morning, I was over 1hr 45mins early for my flight! A few days later, I came back, texted the number Jerry gave me, and did not have to wait long for the shuttle to pick me up. My overall experience was wonderful. I just reserved a few more days with this lot for my trip this weekend. Thanks Easy Park LAX!


Self Parking

Joanna Mell M. - Corona, CA

I did not know what to expect when I booked my reservation at Easy Park LAX. I had mixed experiences in Philadelphia, PA, where I lived for many years. I was totally impressed with the great job that the people at Easy Park LAX did! I travel a lot, teaching at conferences, and it is very important for me to have a safe, reliable remote parking lot at which to leave my car. The lot was in a great location, very easy to find, easy to find a parking spot, very secure and well-lit, and the shuttle picked me up right away at midnight when my flight got in. The staff was very helpful and friendly. WOW - I give you a five-star rating, and I am VERY hard to please.


Self Parking

Gene C. - Gardena, CA

Had a little bit of a challenge finding a parking spot and the wait time for a shuttle to take me to the airport took about 20 minutes. On the other hand, the parking lot is very well lit and you feel safe especially when you're flying in and out at night/dawn. The personnel were very helpful and courteous. The wait time at the airport from the time I called was less than 10 minutes, which was great.


Self Parking

Julia W. - Los Angeles, CA

will use Easy Park LAX again


Self Parking

John - Los Angeles, CA

DO NOT PARK AT EASY PARK!!! It took forever to get a shuttle when you arrive back in LA.

Then, they screwed me out of $7.50 for one extra hour! I made a reservation through this website, cheapairportparking.org (which is great), but for whatever reason I arrived at the airport an hour earlier than my reservation. Well 3 days later when I arrived back in LA, they told me I was an hour early so I would have to pay an extra $7.50. The reservation was originally only $22.77 for 38 hours but now that extra hour is an additional $7.50? The first 38 hours cost me $.60/hour and the extra one was $7.50. That's ridiculous! I think that's just a way they scam people out of extra money because there is really nothing you can do at that point.

STAY AWAY FROM EASY PARK! There are too many other good options!


Self Parking

Maraian P. - Torrance, CA

I will never park with this company again!!! I had to wait 35 minutes for a shuttle to pick me up from the airport (10PM). When I got back and was ready to leave, they told me that I have to pay twice as my reservation. I shown the reservation print out, but did not worked. The only way I could get out to pay the price that parking attendant. Computer print out shown the price as per my reservation, but this do not worked and attendant wrote by pen over the computer print out and my reservation price. Absolutely ridiculous. I will never park with these people again! And think before your park there.


Self Parking

Natalie H. - West Hollywood, CA

Yes, it's outdoors but considering it's L.A. it's not a big problem. Maybe I'd park in an indoor lot during the rainy season but this is the easiest parking facility I've used and the shuttle times are very reasonable. It's very close to the airport. Practically walking distance. It's very convenient. I've always been in and out pretty quick and finding a spot is not a hassle. I'd rather pay more here than deal with the last horrible parking experience I had at an indoor self parking facility.


Self Parking

Vincent H. - Valencia, CA

If your reading this and searching for safe and cost effective place to keep your car, then take it from me. I was in your shoes a week ago and I know what you want to know ....cut and dry. The lot is very close to the air port. The shuttles come quickly, coming and going. Your car will be safe. The drivers are very courteous. It's not a covered lot but who cares about that in the grand scem of things. Over all I would park here agin. You'll like it.


Self Parking

Commuter - Corte Madera, CA

I use these guys every week. It is VERY easy. I wish there was some sort of parking card to earn free or discounted stays. Is there?


Self Parking

Charles S. - Beaumont, CA

Easy to get to & close to the airport. A little hard to find a parking space. Spaces are small. My car door just barely touched the car next to me while I was carefully opening it and the lady in the BMW jumpped out to make sure that there was no damage - I apologized and survived. Didn't have to wait long for a bus at the airport. Check out required a 5 minute wait behind one car. The price was good. I'll probably use it again.


Self Parking

Teresita - Fontana, CA

This is a good site for long-term parking. I will definitely park here again.


Self Parking

Sara S. - Long Beach, CA

I waited 5 mins for the airport parking bus when I arrived to the parking lot since I just missed one (5min wait is great :)) When I arrived back to LAX while I was walking I saw the bus but didn't make it in time for that bus and only waited 2 mins for the next bus. Very fast and efficient service, staff very nice and friendly, truck was in shape I left it.


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