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R K C. - Vista, CA

Arrived at 10 PM- signage is not lit, so difficult to see. The booth to check in was non existent, so had to file a claim with the company after paying the full fee. The company was good about returning the money. Might try again if arriving during daylight.


Self Parking

Timothy M. - Arroyo Grande, CA

Landed at LAX 4:30am and proceeded to proper waiting area for shuttle. After an extensive wait a shuttle appears only to drive right by the waiting area in the fast lane. Did not even attempt to stop. Another shuttle service dropped all 6 travelers off near your parking lot for a generous tip which was negotiated before we left the airport.


Self Parking

Lynda L. - Rancho Palos Verde, CA

My biggest complaint is that the parking space numbers are totally faded out and they are almost impossible to read - with hundreds of spaces it would be nice to have a clue what row number you might be in, especially when returning.

The second complaint is that the parking spaces are really, REALLY small and I have a small car. However, I don't know that other parking facilities have larger spaces - this is my first experience. I would probably use your facility again because of proximity to airport and the number of available shuttles that I saw. Drivers are courteous and helpful.


Self Parking

Madeline A. - Los Angeles, CA

Loved the saving $$$$!


Self Parking

Samantha S. - Valencia, CA

Always a great experience. They are pretty quick at keeping the rotation of their shuttles. And its a quick drive from Easy Park to LAX. I will continue to use them!


Self Parking

J.C. - Irvine, CA

It was difficult to find the first time, but no problem now.


Self Parking

Naomi G. - Calabasas, CA

There were no instructions on how to pay at the parking lot. All the signs and payment machines said to pay first, and then exit. But there were no provisions on the machines that explained how we could receive the discount that we had arranged on the Internet. Since the exits were unattended, we did not understand how we could exit without first paying, but the machines did not have options to receive the discount.

The instructions that had our confirmation number should have made it clear that we were to pay by credit card at the exit. We spent valuable time asking questions and trying to figure out how to pay. That's why the 3 star overall experience.


Self Parking

Minh N. - Fountain Valley, CA

Shuttle pickup and return are fast (less than 10 minutes both way). Parking spcaces are a little bit tight but it's OK.


Self Parking

Lynn - Los Angeles, CA

For short-term or long-term parking, this is the best balance of price, distance, and convenience. The shuttle drivers are always friendly and try to make their rounds as quickly as possible so passengers arrive where they need to on time. The only downside is its a bit confusing when you're leaving to pay (instead of going to the payment kiosks by the shuttle stops, you have to drive to the exit, call the attendant on the exit kiosk, verify reservation #, verify credit card #) but waiting a few extra minutes to leave makes the savings well worth it.


Self Parking

NYBound - Corona, CA

This facility is close by the airport and convenient. We flew Delta and it picked up the Pilot and flight attendant for our flight @ the Sheraton. It was nice to meet them on the way to the airport. The pilot invited my boys up to the cockpit so it was a nice experience for us. Flying to FL at end of month and will be parking here again.


Self Parking

Philip C. - Arcadia, CA

Great location right behind the Sheraton. Instructions were not clear and consistent with the actual procedure.

Ended up driving up to check out and provided the reservation and confirmation number through the help button on the check out box. If this is the procedure, it would be easier to just state this outright.


Self Parking

Darlene G. - Oxnard, CA

First time parking here for a trip to New York. Shuttle was waiting for us and friendly service.


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