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David W. - San Clemente, CA

Running late ran to bus he waited for us very nice. On way home called getting off plane for pick-up. Went outside terminal 5 Min latter he was right there. ( it was 3AM )
took us right to our car. I've used Easy park and they just get better every time.


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Sal M - Van Nuys, CA

Good location and the drivers were helpful and courteous.


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Sharon W. - Los Angeles, CA

We were a bit skittish about trying off-sight lots due to so many bad reviews. From the time we drove in to the time we drove out, there was nothing but ease and courtesy. I will be using this lot again!


Self Parking

Rebecca M. - Signal Hill, CA

Having stayed at the Sheraton hotel before I knew right where this lot was... a whole 3 blocks from the airport = awesome! The shuttles really do run every 10 min (or less) = even more awesome! The first time I parked here I made note of the phone number posted in the shuttle stop so I could call for a pick up on my return (turned out it wasn't necessary but if you have a really late night/early morning arrival might be a good thing to note.)

Shuttle drivers have all been really nice, some more helpful with luggage then others but I generally travel light so this wasn't a big deal... I'm sure all would have helped if I had asked.

The parking lot here is not huge, just a surface lot, and tends to be close to full most of the time so plan on having to drive up and down some isles before you find a spot.

Departure with cheapairportparking.org confirmation number is a breeze... just press the intercom button when you get to the gate and read them your confirmation, they put the correct dollar amount up on the screen, must be paid by credit card, and off you go.

I'll be parking here a lot in the future! And thanks for the great savings!


Self Parking

Van G. - Santa Clarita, CA

Cons: It's kind of risky to park there because they absolutely have no staff onsite, just intercom assistant at the pay station. Some vehicles parked outside of the designated lot and took up two lots. Some parked parallel in a row that I wasn't sure it's supposed to be that way because I didn't see a sign or instruction.

Pros: I arrive at 2am in the morning, called for the pick up and got a dead tone, but they called me back in 2 seconds, and the shuttle showed up in 5 min. That's impressive. And the driver dropped me off right next to my car, thank you.


Self Parking

Jennifer G. - Temecula, CA

We parked here at the recommendation of a friend. SOO glad i listened! This parking lot is close to the airport and has timely shuttles coming and going from the parking lot and the Sheraton hotel. No need to call. Parking was easy with plenty of spots to choose from. There is staff present 24/7 which makes you feel that your car is secure.

After 10 days we came back to a waiting shuttle at the airport. Having taken a red-eye with two kids, we were overly tired. The shuttle driver promptly helped us get our bags on the shuttle. When we arrived home, we could not find my carry-on. Inside of it was all of my work, my computer, my tablet, the kids iPods, etc. After frantically searching for two days, we called the parking lot. These honest people verified that i had left it on the shuttle. They were courteous and polite in arranging for me to pick it up.

I cannot say how pleased i am with this parking lot and shuttle service. Any of these other lots could have easily stolen my belongings. These people were prompt, polite, courteous, and most importantly, honest. I will definitely park here again. :)


Self Parking

Thomas S. - Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for being so good! Coming into LAX at 4:30 am is hard enough.


Self Parking

Agustin C. - Los Angeles, CA

Security is always visible, it's a very secure place to park your vehicle.


Self Parking

Alyssa M. - Long Beach, CA

No one told us to call the shuttle when we returned, so we were waiting quite a while, watching shuttles from other hotels/parking lots come around several times before we saw one of ours. Otherwise, everything was fine and worth the price.


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Deborah R. - San Diego, CA

Easy to find, quick pick up, very near to the airport, courteous staff! I lost my ticket, but took pictures of my confirmation number and my ticket and they accepted my contracted fee! I'll use them again, great service!


Self Parking

Eufracia M. - Fullerton, CA

we arrived at around 9:15 pm in the parking lot. there was no parking attendant to receive our paper confirmation. we had no choice but to use a credit card so we could exit. there were no instructions what to do in the absence of an attendant. we were charged more than what was stated in the confirmation.


Self Parking

Taleen M. - Irvine, CA

So happy I found Easy Park. It was cheap, really close to the airport, the shuttle service was quick, and the staff/drivers were very nice. I wish it was a covered parking lot though. Definitely expect to wash your car after you pick it up. Also, the parking spaces are a little tight but manageable. Easy Park is great and I've already booked two more reservations there.


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