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Outdoor Valet

A.R. - Easton, PA

I was very impressed with the shuttle drivers. They were courteous and friendly.
Pick up from the airport was quick and well directed.

However, the woman at the counter when we returned to pick up our car was rude and unhelpful. When I came to pick up the car, she informed me I needed a print out of the reservation, even though I had the email on my phone, and heal directed me to the hotel lobby.

In order to get the print out I needed to go to the local hotel and PAY to print it out. This was poorly organized and not helpful.

I hope there will be a way of rectifying the car pick up pocess.


Outdoor Valet

Paul Capurso

I have used the facility before and it has always been wonderful. Attendant at the counter could be a little more pleasant


Outdoor Valet

Victor E.

Always on time. No hassle. Great job guys!


Outdoor Valet

D - NJ

Not a good place to go. The manager in this place should not be in the position.


Outdoor Valet


Our family of 6 cars all used this lot and all had their cars gone thru. My car lost change and all radio stations changed. Others also lost items and had cars driven. Lot acknowledges some bad hiring choices. Use with caution if at all.


Outdoor Valet

Leslie S. - Leslie S

Everything went quickly but I was not told in advance that I would have to lug my luggage to another door and go up one flight… other than that it went very well.


Outdoor Valet

Leslie S. - Leslie S.

I've never used E-Z Way Parking before and although I am overall happy with the parking I would have liked to know when I dropped off the car that on the return trip I would have to drag my luggage one flight up and many doors down for the pickup area....they should tell all customers where they have to drag their luggage as opposed to just picking up passengers and luggage just outside of baggage claim. This was a big pain in the neck.


Outdoor Valet

Agustina M. - New Jersey

It is super convenient, but too many surcharges. Make it a flat rate!


Outdoor Valet

Samantha F L. - NY, NY

I don't know what the other bad reviewers are talking about. The shuttle came so quick and was so close to the airport. I would have preferred to have the car inside but at this price I certainly can't complain. They were courteous and quick especially since it was so hot in NY those few days. I will park there again.


Outdoor Valet

Unhappy Customer

I have had 2 bad experiences with the E-Z parking staff (Two different ladies behind the counter - I should not call them ladies, as their attitude and behavior was anything but lady-like). First experience was on May 11th and second was on June 26. In both occasions, I had called in with the Valet ticket number after collecting my luggage; upon arrival at the parking lot, my car was not available for pick up. Upon asking the status, the lady at the desk would not even acknowledge me nor make any effort to radio the valet to bring the car to the front office. I asked for a number to call the customer service and I was told to go search the website. The first time (the elderly lady at the counter) pretty much shut the office door on my face and returned to watch her TV). The second time, (the younger lady at the counter) walked out of the office without even speaking a word. The shuttle driver who was outside make an open remark that the lady does not know what she is doing.

E-Z way parking needs to know that there are plenty of options for customers like me who uses airport parking frequently. They should understand that low-price offers do not have to necessarily accompany ill-treatment of their customers.


Outdoor Valet

Brendan M. - Piscataway, NJ

Worked great. There was a bit of a disconnect on the pickup for the return flight and we had to call a couple of times to get them to come. But otherwise, very responsive and professional. Worth it for the price.


Outdoor Valet

Brian S. - NJ

What a great alternative to expensive parking. Got there easily, checked in and got right on a shuttle. I didn't use the shuttle on the return trip so I can't comment on it. I will definitely use this again


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