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Alan B. - W Long Branch, NJ

Parking was a breeze.
I was taken directly to the terminal
However on my return I waited over 35 minutes to be picked up at terminal C on Sunday at 9PM.


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Philip A. - Brick, NJ

Shuttle guys were great. Helpful with the bags, nice to talk to. Wait times were minimal. The only problem I had was when I called to get picked up from the airport. The guy on the phone insisted I should know what terminal I was in and had an attitude about it. The pilot does not tell you what terminal your landing in. Phone personal maybe should have a list of what carriers use which terminals.
Other than that a good experience.


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Lori D. - Manchester, NJ

I would definitely use this service again. No problem either way. Fast pickup from the airport (within 5 - 10 minutes from phone call). They had the car waiting for us when we arrived back at location. A+++


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Igor G. - Brooklyn, NY

My car parked for six days got a big scratch across the right rear door. I immediately notified a parking lot attendant who instructed us to file complaint. Subsequently, I have made numerous attempts via emails and phone calls to resolve this matter but have not gotten any response yet.


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Mario S. - Boonton, NJ

A one-time frequent traveler I'm well aware of all the things that can go wrong during travel. Using this Newark airport parking service has several risks including the waiting time for the shuttle and time for them to find your car. So I planned that wait time into my schedule. On this family trip, I needed my car seats so driving was the best option and I decided to try this service because cost was an issue for me.

The service could not have been more perfect.
The GPS didn’t find the exact location but the crown plaza is a tall building and very easy to see after the GPS gets you close enough. Once we pulled into the Crown Plaza parking lot, E-Z Way Parking was very easy to spot just to the left of the main gate. We pulled into a spot directly in front of the attendant booth and as we were getting out of the car a van pulled up. While I went in to show my reservation and drop off the keys, my wife was watching the driver unload the car and put the luggage into the van. We waited for one other group to load, who pulled in behind us and we were off within five minutes and arrived at the airport a couple of minutes later. The driver was very helpful in unloading the luggage as well and we needed the help as we had two kids in strollers. The van had the return instructions on the windows so we wrote them down as well.

Coming home we called the number on our ticket stub after collecting our luggage and the person confirmed the location we had to be at, which we had also written down. When we arrived at that location the van was already there in the process of loading up another group. The driver loaded our entire luggage and we were back at E-Z Way Parking within a few minutes. Upon arrival our car was already parked in front of the attendant booth. After unloading the luggage onto the sidewalk, I went into pay and provided the attendant with my ticket stub and reservation. After coming outside the driver had already loaded our entire luggage for us into the car.

I must admit that we got lucky with the shuttle being available just as we arrived on both ends of our trip but even if we had to wait a short while for the shuttle this was a first class experience, worth well more than the $9.00 per day rate that we paid. We expressed our gratitude with some generous tips for the drivers and the parking attendant.


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Denise K. - Brooklyn, NY

The only thing that prevents me from a better rating is the very strong sense I have that someone was sitting in my car and running the motor to use my air conditioning. I was actually pretty upset by this because my air conditioning was on full blast when I turned on the motor, the seat was in a reclining position, and the gas tank was on empty(I do not recall being so low on gas, it is not like me to go so low). I have no proof of this of course.
But up until this point I was completely thrilled with the whole thing. Easy to find, fast in, fast out, fast pick-up, great price, nice people.


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Sim P. - Princeton, nj

Wish I had checked BBB before I entrusted my car to this place . Picked it up last night. Car absolutely reeks of body odor and smoke - radio tuned to some local rap station, all the cars personal settings altered and change all stolen. What'd you guys do, loan it out on a crack run?

Today I read the reviews on a few sites and considered myself lucky to have gotten it back in one piece. Barely even worth mentioning that the place can't be found for drop off and that pick-up at the airport took 45 minutes after calling. I will NEVER go back there and would recommend the same for anyone else. Spend the extra 15 bucks a week and go somewhere safe. Go to Better Business and check out their reviews. Then go somewhere else.


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Had no problem finding the place, parked right away went in, gave up my keys and jumped in the shuttle van and off we went.. coming back was a nightmare.... waited almost an hour for the shuttle, there were too many people so he passed up a lot of passengers... when we got to the parking lot my van was moved and the windows were opened...inside was a mess... there was opened juice bottles that had spilled out all over the van, and here is the best... when i went to start the van the ignition switch fell out onto the floor! I was LIVID! Ran in to complain, (luckily husband was able to get the ignition switch back in and start the van)... they told me they had trouble starting my van and they knew nothing about the ignition switch or the trash in the van.... I filled out an incident report and have still not heard a word from the owner but he will be getting the bill for the ignition switch! they obviously were hanging out in my van the entire week! shame on u! DO NOT USE THIS LOT PEOPLE!


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hazel727 - Bronx, NY

I have used this parking facility in June and was impressed but now I had a problem. When I returned to pick up my car I found a drink that didn't belong to me in the cup holder, someone was hanging out in my car playing with my radio and one of my CD's was missing from the 6 CD changer. I will never park my car here again and will not recommend anyone to use this facility. I had recommended 4 people to use them and now I am retracting it and telling everyone what happened.


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Michael S. - Scotch Plains, NJ

No issues at all - vans got us in / out quickly.

As one person commented you do need to go through the Crowne Plaza gate (and take a ticket), but not an issue.

Will certainly use them again.


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Raju K. - Ocean, NJ

DO NOT park your car at this place....they overcharged me from my confirmation from this website and on top of that it took them 30 min to pick me up and another 20 minutes to GET my car once I got there. The manager was as unprofessional as they get and gave me an attitude, knowing fully what my experience had been. This was my 2nd time parking there and both times were awful. The only difference between the 1st time was that my car was actually there the first time when I arrived, but they took 20 minutes to pick me up.


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myb - Bronx, NY

Excellent parking experience, will use again, will refer friends & co-workers.


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