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Outdoor Valet

Jean S. - Los Angeles, CA

I was so happy with using your website and parking at the Custom Hotel near LAX. Convenient and efficient, I will definitely use it for all my travel in the future.


Outdoor Valet


At first it was a little confusing how to get to the hotel and get it to valet (I drove twice around the building-but that could've been my own confusion). I got there with plenty of time, and the shuttle arrived 15 minutes after I got there (arrived promptly at 10:30am). Now, getting the car back, it took longer than I had hoped.

I was picked up promptly at the airport, but the driver had just been notified to pick up other customers...which meant making a U-turn and go through the terminals. THAT added an additional 30 or so minutes to getting back to the hotel to get my car. The driver was apologetic, and luckily super nice to chat with to get through this time delay... he also made sure that a car attendant was in the process of getting my car, so I didn't have to wait much longer. Anyway, other than that hiccup when I arrived, great experience overall. I will definitely come here again.


Outdoor Valet

Anup B. - Irvine, CA

Location: Quite far from LAX

Facility : It was good.

Wait Times : Because of the distance from LAX, the wait was longer

Shuttle : It was okay.

I would recommend it if you cannot find any cheaper and nearer spot near LAX. The only drawback is that it is far from LAX.


Outdoor Valet

Daniel - Pomona, CA

Not a bad place as it is located about 7 minutes away from the airport, the price is good, and the employees were both helpful and friendly. I experienced no problems leaving my car here for over a week. When I got back I waited about 10-15 minutes before the shuttle showed up but when I got to the parking someone was already bringing my car down. I would use this place again.


Outdoor Valet

Thomas M. - Ridgecrest, CA

Loved the location but had to wait 40 minutes to be picked up because the van was full when it came the first time 15 minutes after I called so I had to wait another 25 for him to back. Why the middle seat was out of the van I don't know. If it had been there, there would have been plenty of room. Our car was filthy when we returned. I don't know where it was parked. Drivers on both ends were polite and helpful, Valet when we dropped it off seemed in a hurry.


Outdoor Valet

dani@rastarita - Laguna Beach

Amazingly easy............I was very very impressed and I will tell everybody I know. Great team, great job!!!


Outdoor Valet

Ana R. - Downey, CA

Great I will park there from now on!


Outdoor Valet

ren - Irvine, CA

This was my first time driving to LAX and parking for a trip. The hotel was easy to find and everyone I met was courteous and helpful. I had essentially no wait time on either end of my trip. I would park here again.


Outdoor Valet

Debo - Orange County, CA

While returning, the wait time sucks. The location was great - close to airport, pricing was great. But I would say the shuttle frequency was the worst. I had to wait more than 40 min to get the shuttle. In the meantime, I saw multiple shuttles from other parking facilities and no one would like to wait so long to get the shuttle.

Rest was fine but considering the waiting time, I would think twice before parking over there... they need to increase the shuttle frequency...


Outdoor Valet

Doug - Santa Barbara , CA

Very good shuttle service and cheap parking. Would use again.


Outdoor Valet

Raf - Lompoc, CA

Great shuttle experience !! Didn't have too wait long at all for the shuttles to and from. Drivers were courteous and professional. Lounge at the lobby was nice and comfortable for the short time we were there. Shuttle is clearly marked as Custom Hotel and looks different than the other hotel shuttles.


Outdoor Valet

Laurie G. - Agoura Hills, CA

Very good price. Had to wait a long time for the return shuttle at LAX. Bus is not very distinguishable, signage lacking.


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